Find out are Good Looking Girls Mean or Nice?

Find out are Good Looking Girls Mean or Nice?

Find out are Good Looking Girls Mean or Nice?

There are a lot of controversies and gossips among teenagers at school and college all the time whether good-looking girls are mean or nice. So let’s clear your doubt while go through this article. We will talk about various aspects of a girl.

First of all it is not at all appropriate to judge a girl just and just by her looks. It is their behavior, there attitude, the way of talking and treating other people that should be considered while judging them. It is well said that looks of a person are temporary and secondary. It is the inner beauty of a person that makes him/her loved by all. [ Read: 10 Big Signs of Emotional Abuse You May Be Overlooking ]

To differentiate whether a looking girl is nice or mean, we can take a look at her characteristics.

A good looking girl can be mean if they she has the following characteristics –

  1. She is self-obsessed

All she does is talk about herself and think about herself. You will see that she is always fully dressed. She will always talk about high standards, high profile people etc. she does not consider any other girl better than her. [ Read: Abandonment Issues and How it Affects Your Relationship ]

  1. She is selfish, not willing to help anyone

A mean girl will always be selfish. Without thinking about other, she will do things that will benefit only her. Such girls don’t even come forward when other are in need of help. She is so selfish for herself that she will want to win the race by cheating also

  1. Uses people and takes advantage of all

When it comes to doing some work, she can easily use people by being sweet to them, and later when the work is done, she will dump them. For example – a girl who is mean has to go out to a prom with a guy, she will be very pleasing towards him, will pass gestures that drags him towards her and will take him to the prom with her and once it’s over, she will dump him easily.  [ Read: 7 Disadvantages of Dating a Man with a Mustache ]

  1. Plays politics

Mean girls are usually very good at playing politics. They don’t have good friends of their own so they try to create misunderstanding between other people and make them fight without letting them know who the actual culprit is so that it’s a win-win situation for her.

  1. Attention seekers

Mean girls are very keen on seeking attention from the crowd. They love drawing the attention of all guys around her by doing something or the other. Even when she is in a girl’s group, she will try to lead everyone, hence trying to seek attention of them too.  [ Read: 7 Quick and Easy Ways to Deal with Nosy Co-workers ]

Characteristics of a nice good looking girl

  1. Positive thinker

A nice good-looking girl is always up to doing something positive for herself as well as for others. She thinks of everyone as a good human being even if they are mean towards her. She tries to look at everything with a positive attitude.  [ Read: 11 Unique Traits that Make a Person Trustworthy ]

  1. Helpful

No matter what it takes, a nice girl will always be keen on helping others all the time. She does not do it for being praised she will do it because it gives a good feeling within.

  1. Trustworthy

A person who is nice by nature will surely be trustworthy. Other people get positive vibes from nice girls and they make good friends easily. People like talking to nice girls and even trust them for keeping secrets. They are very reliable also. [ Read: 11 Unique Traits that Make a Person Trustworthy ]

  1. Family oriented

Nice girls have good ethics and morals. They don’t get into doing wrong things like teenagers usually start doing in high school. For example – consumption of alcohol, smoking, going out for late night parties. This is because after work, after college they wish to go back home soon as spend time with their family.

  1. Caring attitude towards all

Nice girl are good caretakers too. They love taking care of people who she love and who love her back. She even takes care of her friends. If they need her, she will always be there for her. She takes care of other’s happiness. She is also very well disciplined. She even takes care of all her belongings well.  [ Read: 16 Tips to Dazzle Him on Your First Date ]

These are the characteristics of mean and nice girls. But it is also true that every individual id different. You cannot make out if a girl is mean or nice just by her looks. Girls are not mean from the childhood. It is their life situations, the people around her who make her a mean person. Here is a short story as an example – A nice and good looking girl started going to college. There was a guy who used to follow her. He found her very beautiful. He chased her every day. One day he about his feeling to her and said that he would die if she will not be a part of his life they girl got impressed and she also fell in love with him. They have a great time together. They were madly in love with each other. But after a while when boy had got what he wanted, he started to ignore her. His love faded away and he became rude towards her and finally broke up with her as he was bored of her. This made the girl very angry and upset. But she learned a lesson from his that the world is full of mean people. And she also turned herself into a mean person. If she wouldn’t have been pretty; the guy wouldn’t have chased her. If the guy wouldn’t have dumped her, she would have never become mean like him. So situations and life experiences change good girls into mean ones.