Few Tips To Devise The Best Valentine Day Surprise!

Few Tips To Devise The Best Valentine Day Surprise!

Valentine’s day is a special day for all lovers and couples across the world, every one wants to plan the best valentine day surprise for their partner. Every person wants to make their Valentine feel special and loved on this day, especially. Sometimes, we start planning gifts and surprises for our valentine even before the advent of the month of February. But then again, gifts, chocolates and flowers are so very common during this Valentine’s day, that it doesn’t really make for the perfect surprise. So how can you make your valentine feel surprised, unique and loved? You need to plan well ahead in time and make sure that everything is as planned just before Valentine’s Eve.

Few Tips To Devise The Best Valentine Day Surprise -likelovequotes

Making a mixed tape, taking your valentine out for dinner and dancing with them, is very clichéd and regular now. Some tips that might come in handy during the planning of this day’s surprise are:

1. Throw them off track, as if you don’t even remember anything about Valentine’s Day. This will make them feel dejected and will surprise them to a huge extent when you actually pop up the surprise.

2. Write down 100 reasons why you love them and how they mean the world to you.

3. Write down a lovely poem all by yourself for the love of your life. Record it on a blank CD and play it as soon as they enter the room. This is a simple yet very good valentine day surprise.

4. Make it a treasure hunt. Buy them an expensive gift like diamond jewelry or a prized watch and hide it somewhere. Use hidden clues to make them reach the place where you have hidden their extravagant gift. This will be a lot of fun and will add to the surprise element.

5. Paint a wall of your bedroom with ‘Love You’ literati. You can use spray cans and paint brushes and show off your creativity and love. You can make this more interesting by adding a framed picture of the both of you together on that wall.

6. Recreate your first date with your Valentine. Add a twist by blindfolding your Valentine in the car and then opening the blindfold when you reach the very spot where you both first started off your date.

7. You can make arrangements for a two or three day trip to somewhere exotic. Make sure you know about their work plans before you plan such a trip else it will spoil the valentine day surprise you are looking for.

8. If your valentine lives far away from you, the best surprise you could give them is by showing up at their door step without a notice!

9. If you are a married couple and you both have no interest in celebrating Valentine’s Day, you can still make it special and interesting. Do something that your spouse has been nagging you to do for long and that will please them more than any other surprise could. For e.g. A wife can taking cooking class and learn to bake a cake. Or the husband can cook a surprise meal of his wife’s favorite food as a surprise for her. Believe us this will be a wonderful valentine day surprise for your partner.

10. If you both are adventure junkies who crave for an adrenaline rush, you both can set out for bungee jumping or paragliding together. Alternatively, you can go underwater diving or scuba diving together.

11. A guy can gift her a day at her favorite spa/ parlor with all expenses paid. She can choose whatever treatment she wants to take and can pamper herself without worrying about money matters.

12. If you both have simple ideas and plan to stay at home and watch your favorite movie together, you can tape over the movie in its second half with a lovely video message from you to your valentine to see the look on their face. This will be very romantic and personal! Though it won’t be a valentine day surprise but surely you would have best of your times together.

13. You can also surprise your partner by telling them that you have a very busy night at work or you have to go for an urgent meeting and then show up with a bunch of gifts, flowers, cake and candles at the door! This will bring an instant smile to their faces. Caution this may back fire and spoil the valentine day surprise too.

What is your surprise plan for your partner this Valentine’s Day? Also share with us, what was the best surprise you received during Valentine’s Day?