Feminist Views: What I Want Is What I Was


Feminist Views: What I Want Is What I Was

The word Feminism is itself a complex word. Everyone have different feminist views. It is hard to define “Feminism” in just one word.  For some feminism is meant to achieve freedom from the clutches of society. Nothing will be achieved in this manner. Feminism is not only about attaining freedom, it is much more than anyone can thing about. Feminist views suggest that women have lived a suppressed life since ages. If you are curious to know some of the Feminist Views about what actually Feminism is all about. LikeLoveQuotes.com is here to bring to you different types of feminist views under one roof. Keep Reading and Explore the true meaning of Feminism.

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Feminist Views What I Want Is What I Was

Define Feminism

Feminism is simply not about freedom from the shackles of the patriarchal society. The real definition of feminism includes the desire and emancipation of women to free themselves from all the shackles of the male dominated society. The need of the hour is to understand and establish gender equality in the society. Let women live the life on their own terms.  Gender discrimination, Suppression and Domination are three keywords which rule women’s life. There are different types of Feminism are as follows:

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Radical Feminism: Radical Feminist is someone who refuse to work within the define space and the ways in which they are asked to behave. They thing it is their duty to provide a better place for women. They consider their prime object to correct every wrong that is prevailing against the women.  They think that women have been ill- treated and made to live abusive life.

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Liberal Feminism: A liberal Feminist is someone who considers that it is only woman herself can change the way women are viewed in the society. They bring these changes by silently working towards their goals. They try to bring change while keeping in mind the constraints of the society. They believe in making small changes without being less vocal. They are trying to make a better society by bringing overall social change.

Moreover, there are cultural feminist, who believe in empowering women against all odds of society. Like treatment of women in the society.  We need to empower women against domestic violence. They are against the suppressed picture of women in the society. Thus, equal opportunity should be there for everyone without any gender biased.

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Hence, Women need to understand that they are the Life Changers. Gone are those days when women were considered mere sex objects. Women need to voice out the discrimination and the violence that they may face in any sphere of life. It is the moral responsibility of the society as a whole to provide women a secured environment to live freely and fearlessly. Thus, Women need to become self sufficient, self dependent and courageous to face the life with equal power. Therefore, Society should let Women Live like’ Free Birds and Provide Them with Wings to Fly High.