Feeling Unloved and Unwanted – 10 Ways How To Fix It

Feeling Unloved and Unwanted – 10 Ways How To Fix It

Feeling Unloved and Unwanted – 10 Ways How To Fix It

How do you feel when you realize that there is not a single person in this world who loves you? There is no worse feeling than realizing that nobody around you acknowledges your presence and has the slightest of affection for you. You feel sad about and eventually lapse into depression. You lock yourself up and do not feel like going out anymore as you feel there is nobody who looks forward to meet you or talk to you. [ Read: Words of a Broken Heart


You could feel unloved and unwanted because of various reasons. Sometimes, even when we are surrounded by people all the time, we tend to feel lonely as we realize nobody is paying attention to us. There could be so many so many people calling themselves our friends but none of them give us a single reason to believe they are close to us. Sometimes, a state of feeling lonely cold also arise because of our expectations or the way we look at things.

Here are 10 ways in which you can fix feeling unloved and unwanted:

  1. Find out if you are their priority

We go through several things in a day. There are a whole lot off personal and professional commitments that keep us occupied. If somebody steals time out of their busy schedule and gives you time, then you are definitely special for them. It infers that you are tight on top of their priority list. They will always value you more than anything else in their life. [ Read: The Secret Behind Long Lasting Relationships ]

  1. Do not be dependent

It is always important to be independent and not be dependent on someone for emotional support. It is true that humans are social beings and they feel the need to socialize with each other. However, you must never be overly dependent on someone. If you lean too much on someone, you will be but devastated when they distance themselves from you.

  1. Make time for yourself

Before explaining and whining about the fact that nobody gives you time, you must figure out whether you make any time for yourself. Maybe you are so busy that you never realized that you do not take proper care of yourself. You must give yourself some time and pamper yourself so that you do not feel the need for somebody else to do it. [ Read: 39 Best Inspirational Quotes of All Time ]

  1. No expectation

You feel disappointed when you expect something from someone. If you do not expect anything, you would always be happy with whatever comes your way. When you do something for someone, do not expect that you will get something in return for it. Showering love on someone does not always mean that you will get love in return from them.

  1. Do not be vindictive

When we realize that a person took advantage of us because of the fact we loved them and took us for granted, we feel vindictive and think of teaching that person a lesson that they would not forget. They hurt us and now, we wish to get even with them. You should never have a revengeful attitude towards someone. We only end up hurting ourselves by being vindictive as the pain simmers in our heart for long. [ Read: 9 Firm Steps to Get Over an Ex Girlfriend in No Time! ]

  1. Do not run after the wrong people

You are in love with a person but the person will never love you. And, you know that. If you know that the person is not going to reciprocate your feelings, then you should not waste your time and energies in pursuing them. You should never run after people who have no regard for your feelings or emotions for them.

  1. Get close to people who love you

While we run after people who do not have any feelings for us, we tend to ignore the ones who like us. We get blinded by our love for a select few that we fail to notice that there are so many other people who already love us. Never let go of people who love you. If you cannot appreciate the love people have for you, how can you expect others to do the same for you? [ Read: 6 Teenage Love Quotes For Teens ]

  1. Do not be desperate

Seek love, look for it but make sure that you never come across as a desperate person. It would not make you look you good and would also strip you off your dignity. Do not do anything that would make you look like a fool. You must be very careful about the way you conduct yourself and look for love and respect without being desperate.

  1. Beacon of love

So what if you have a dearth of love in your life? There are so many people in this world who are deprived of it. You can do your bit by showering love all around. Treat every person with a lot of love and respect. If not all, some of them will respond to you.  They will reciprocate your feelings and give back the same amount of love to you. [ Read: I am In LOVE With You Because You Are The One Who Made Me Feel Special ]

  1. Love yourself

Do not be a narcissist but you should have a good amount of love and respect for your own self. Before seeking love and expecting others to love you, you must figure out whether you love yourself or not. Make some time to pamper yourself, introspect and do things that would make you happy.

Feeling unloved and getting depressed are things that have become common in today’s times when people are so busy with their work. As a result of being immersed in their own lives, they do not have the time to look after somebody else. In such times, it is important that you keep yourself cheered up and never let the feeling of isolation overpower you.