Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story

Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend - Story
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Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story

It was my first day at college and I was nervous. I hoped that I find some people there. People who would not trouble me or rag me. I was waiting outside the gate hoping to bump into someone I knew and walk along with him/her to the classroom.

Not being able to see any familiar spaces, I decided to talk to random strangers, one of whom might turn out to be a classmate. [ Read: The Story Of A Perfect Couple ]

‘Hey! My name is Chris. Have you, by any chance, get yourself enrolled in the arts stream?’, I asked a random guy.

‘No, buddy. I am a science student. Second year,’ he replied and left off.

I had no idea what to do. There was no way I was going inside the college alone.

‘Looking for someone?’, asked somebody from behind.

‘Um..no. What makes you think so?’, I asked.

‘Actually I was sitting at that café having a burger. I noticed you have been standing here for quite some time. So, thought of asking you. Hope you did not mind.’

‘No, of course not. Chris.’ I said extending my right hand towards her.

‘Joanna’, she replied with a smile and completed the handshake.

‘This would be first day at college’, she further added.

‘Which stream?’ I asked.

‘Arts’, she replied.

I heaved a sigh of relief. I finally had company.

‘I have taken admission in arts and this is my first day in college too. Shall we walk together to the class? Actually I feel a little jittery and…’

‘Sure. Shall we go then?’

‘Yeah’, I said and smiled.

‘So what do you think of the college?’, she asked as we walked down the entrance of the college.

‘Whatever interaction I have had with the faculty and staff members, has been good. The infrastructure is very impressive too.’

‘Yeah.  Same thoughts. I guess a clearer picture would emerge once we attend the classes’, she said with a smile.

‘Hmm’, I said in agreement.

That was the day when Joanna and I met and became friends. Soon we became the best of friends and were inseparable. [ Read: Just Another Love Story – Based on Real Life Experience ]

We went through a lot of trouble in our individual lives but supported and helped each other out in every situation. Our friendship only got stronger with time.

I was sitting in my room working on a college assignment when my phone rang. It was Joanna.

‘Hey!’ I said after picking up the phone.

‘We broke up,’ Joanna said.

‘Wha…why? What happened?’, I asked.

Joanna was dating this guy called Marlon and although I did not quite approve of her choice, I supported their relation as a friend would. [ Read: He promised me to never leave me – True Story of my own life ]

‘Nothing serious. I don’t think he was serious about the relationship. There would be times when he would not pick up my calls and I would not hear from him for days at stretch. He is not someone I would like to be with.’

‘Oh..Okay. I am really sorry about this.”

“Hey! Don’t be sorry. We were not meant to be. It is not a big deal. I could see it coming from a long time.  I called you up to ask whether we could bunk college tomorrow and go for a movie.”

‘Yeah. Sure.”

“Cool. See you tomorrow then. Bye”


Joanna was a sensitive person but unlike me, she did not let things get to her head. She knew how to get over things quickly. I, on the contrary, would hold on to things that would hurt me for long.

As Joanna was not in a relationship anymore, we got to meet more often and spend time with each other. As much as I hate to admit it, I was happy that she was not in a relationship at the moment. Yes, I did not like Marlon but more than that I was happy that I had all of her attention.

Was I getting possessive about her? Or, was I…was I falling in love with her?

Joanna was one of the most important people in my life. I always loved her but as a friend. I still loved her but I could see the equation changing. It was a different kind of feeling. [ Read: Timeless Love – Story ]

I decided to confess my feelings to Joanna before somebody else took her away from me.

It was Sunday and I spent the entire day figuring out ways to propose to her. Finally, I finalized a couple of things. I bought a book by her favourite author, bought flowers and a ring. I was all set to propose to her.

I invited her for dinner at a nearby restaurant the next day. She did not ask me the reason as we have had several outings before. For some reason, she seemed very enthusiastic. I wonder if she had got an inkling of my intention to propose her. I got a little nervous but believed things would go well.

I got ready by 7 o’clock and went straight to her place to pick her up. I was a little surprised upon seeing her carrying a gift wrapped box in her hand. She saw the gifts, which I had bought for her in my hand, at me and smiled.

‘Shall we?’ she asked.

‘Yes, of course,’ I replied as she hopped on to the scooter.

We reached the restaurant and settled down at a table which I had already booked for the evening.

‘I am glad you remember the date’, she said with a wide smile playing on her lips.

‘Uhh…Yes, I did,’ I replied without any idea of what the date was.

‘I am glad. We met exactly on this date three years back.  Today, we celebrate three years of friendship,’ she added.

Oh dear! In the last couple of days, my mind was filled with thoughts of proposing her. I had forgotten this important date. [ Read: True story of love, promises and search ]

She continued,’ I just had a break up with Marlon. He was the second person I was in a relationship with. I will probably have to go through a few more heartbreaks before I find the right guy. But you know what, I am glad I have you. You are my best friend. You are someone I can discuss my failed relationships with. I can be myself in front of you without any pretense.  You accept me for what I am. I cherish our friendship more than any relationship.’

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That was the moment it hit me. Joanna and I were the best of friends but if we got into a relationship it could probably end in a break up after which we would probably not see each other again. Why complicate things when we are such great friends. Two strong individuals who love and respect each other.

I quickly slipped the box, containing the ring, into my pocket.