Father: Our First Hero, Celebration Is a Must


Father: Our First Hero, Celebration Is a Must.

As the younger one, I have always been the center of attraction to my father . Be it that BETTY BARBIE or that HUGE KITCHEN SET, I always got everything I asked for. Yes! I am a spoiled brat, my dad gave me everything I wanted or needed and never ever stopped me from BEING ME. Happy Fathers Day PAPA, my first SUPERHERO who ran after me when I skipped my lunch, who hold my hands when I feel down, who taught me MATHS with utmost patience and above all, who taught me TO FLY HIGH and BE A SUPER-GIRL. Some superheroes don’t have capes and they are called DAD. A small guide from your #hopelesslyromantic author how to make this day a memorable one for you SUPER-DAD.

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Father: Our First Hero, Celebration Is a Must

Plan a surprise celebration:

Mind you, this celebration should strictly include your family and not your neighbor. If you want you can do that, but I feel that being in a busy schedule we hardly spend a quality moment with our family,and this is the best time you can do so by organising a surprise FATHER’S DAY party in your house.

Start by decorating HIS room with some self-created or purchased MOUSTACHE props, add some childhood photographs of his with you, and also your dad’s childhood photograph (If you manage to get one). Prepare a special corner or table for him. Decorate the space with some light scented candles, hand-made box camera (Made with Matchbox) , and lastly some beautiful petals of Rose and other flowers.

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Father: Our First Hero, Celebration Is a Must

Bake a cake for him(YES BAKE IT YOURSELF) , decorate it with colorful Gems Chocolate or even some easily available FATHER’S DAY props. Write a message on the cake and keep it in the table. Prepare a FATHER’S Day special card and keep a rose inside it. Add some extra effect by putting some balloons and ribbons.

Keep the suspense alive, blindfold your dad and bring him to the room. Now play a soft music and open his eyes, shout out HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD. Give him a tight hug and promise to be by his side throughout his journey. Make sure you remember the promise!

Take a day off and plan a short near-by trip to any beach-side or any resort. Buy a nice pair cool short and flowery shirt for your father, allow him to enjoy the vacation according to his will. Starting from foods to that special TV series, allow him to do everything he desires. Let him be himself and enjoy this day!

And always remember:

Father: Our First Hero, Celebration Is a Must

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he never showed any impatient moves whenever you failed to understand a particular topic,

he fulfilled all your desires,

much before you learnt how to speak he became your VOICE,

much before you learnt how to walk he took you in his shoulder and showed you the world

he walked that long distance from his office to home to save that money for your laptop or something you wished for. He kept your desire forward than his own comfort.

he stayed up the whole night to assure you a sound sleep when you had a high fever

he switched off his favorite sport just because you wanted to see that cartoon

he sacrificed his friend’s party happily just to make sure you score well in your tests

and remember that moment when he came to drop you to the school .

I miss those days a lot now, a lot!

Father: Our First Hero, Celebration Is a Must

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Your father gave you and loved you unconditionally expecting just a little bit of attention in return. This father’s day promise yourself that no matter what happens, you’ll always be there with him, no matter what comes you’ll always be his guide and show him the way, just like he did when you needed him. Your father deserves the best since he gave you the best. Gift him a secured future with his grandchildren’s and not a bounded life behind the doors of shelter home.