Falling In Love with a Married Man

Falling In Love with a Married Man
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Falling In Love with a Married Man

How many times have you heard people say ‘love is a gamble’? Well, it’s very true.  You know how you never really have an idea about the way things are going to end up, will love actually be in your favor and most importantly will there be any happily ever after? That exactly how love is, unpredictable and confusing. [ Read: 11 Things a Man Should Never Say to His Woman! ]

 To top it all off, their come man made situations where they take the love difficulties to a whole new level. One of which is falling in love with a married man. Women are emotional fools when it comes to falling for a person. They are not the wisest people to judge what’s right and wrong for them especially if thrown in a love crisis. One of the very weird situations one can land into is falling in love with a married man and if that has already happened to you might want to take help from the few tips listed below to figure out how to go about it and make your life less troublesome.

  1. Have courage

The most important thing is to get hold of yourself. You already know you have got yourself into a situation where things are not going to be very easy for you and your partner, so be prepared for the fights, arguments and other non-expected things coming at your way. You need to convert yourself into a strong women and face masses while standing strong by the decision you took for yourself. [ Read: 10 Reasons to Get Married and Live Happily Ever After ]

  1. Figure out the feelings

Do you really love him? Do you really want to spend all your life with this person? Is it all worth it?  These are a few questions you need to ask yourself before taking any decision.  Feelings can be a bitch one time you think that all is going really well and this is what you wanted all your life but in the very next moment you feel unsure about almost everything in your life, it’s wise to sit alone and take the signs that heart and brain is trying to give you for a long time.

  1. Talk to him

Why should you sit and worry about everything alone. Tell your partners the thoughts that are haunting your mind. Share your feeling with him because if he cannot listen to you right now and offer a good solution he might never listen to you in the future. Ask him things. Tell him things. Share the fear, sorrows and happiness. Try and build a base for your happy life. Effective communications is one of the major keys to it. [ Read: A Letter from A Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father ]

  1. Take firm decisions

You have already got yourself into a lot of trouble. You don’t need any more lingering around. If your partner took the firm decision of looking for companionship outside of marriage then he better have something real with you. You don’t want to be tagged as an outside affair and keep waiting for him to give you commitment.  If he wants to be with you he should be man enough to take decisions for you and him both. Ask him what he has in mind and how he would like to go about things. If he is not planning now, he won’t plan ever.

  1. Set some time boundaries

What do you both have in mind? Do you have plans to get hooked by the end of the year or is he still giving you that ‘we will think about it’ excuse? If you think he is pushing you away then you better read the signs and call off the relationship. A man who is in love with his women cannot wait to start a new life with her and if you think your man is working the other way round then you definitely have things to worry about. [ Read: I Wasn’t Treating My Husband Fairly, It Wasn’t Fair ]

  1. Tell him to choose

You know it’s either you or his wife right? The last thing you want to deal with is getting jealous of the women who he left for you. He should already be on the stage of choosing you over her permanently before you telling him to do so. He can’t be meeting or living with his wife any longer and that’s very obvious. If you both haven’t already clear all these things between you then you should stop reading ad get on it right away. If your partner is still unsure about the above mentioned things and need time to think over it. Trust me you, I would be already packing my packs if I were you.

Falling in love with a married man won’t be easy but you need to trust yourself and see through all the problems. If he is ready to give you all the comfort and happiness and is already on it then he is definitely a keep.