Falling In Love? 50 Signs That You Can’t Ignore.


Falling In Love? 50 Signs That You Can’t Ignore.

Falling in Love? 50 Signs, You can’t Ignore. I think, I’m in “LOVE”? Is it ‘Love’? No, “its not True”? But I feel I’m falling in ”LOVE“!!! Are you all too going through this CONFUSION?? There are many signs that tell,you are in love and you simply can’t Ignore them. Everyone wants to fall in “Love”. It’s beautiful to be in love with someone. It makes you a better person. The question of the hour is ‘How to know you are falling in love?’ Love is the Best feeling in the world one can feel for someone. You just can’t Ignore that fact When you are in Love. When you fall in Love, you Grow in Love. Let’s find out 50 Signs that tells “Yes, Its True.” and CONGRATULATIONS! ‘You’re In LOVE’

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Falling In Love? 50 Signs That You Can't Ignore

Is your Phone your Best Friend?
What are you waiting for? A call or may be for a reply to your message from ‘Him’? Do you keep looking to phone again and again? If there is someone in your life whose one call and one message lightens your face. He is definitely someone special.  Yes, “Its True ” its ‘Love’ for you.

Do you find yourself Smiling all the time? You smile just for no reason. Love is when you can’t hide your happiness. Someone takes his ‘Name’ and go all ‘Red’ in your face Blushing!!!

Mirror is your BEST FRIEND:
Have you started taking extra time in dressing up? When you become extra careful in order to look good when you go to meet that someone special.

Your World Revolves around Them:
Suddenly your focus of life changes. Your Life start to revolve around her/her. His Likes ! Her Dislikes!. You want to know it all.

Look for Signs:
You constantly look for signs that may tell the feeling is mutual both sides.

Re-Reading Messages:
Though it may sound strange but it the sign which you can’t ignore. You keep reading messages sent by him/her again and again.

‘All Smiles’ to YOU:
When someone takes HIS/Her name its ”All Smiles” to you.

You want to be around them 24/7:
All you want is to have them around 24/7 hours of the day.

Share Food:
You don’t mind them sharing your food.

Try to make them Feel Special:
This too can’t be ignored. You give your hundred percent to make them feel special.

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Their Happiness becomes Primary:
You just want to see them smile. Their smile becomes primary to you.

All you want is “Fulfill” their Needs:
When you are in love you want to fulfill all their needs.

Introduce them to Family:
When you make a point to introduce them to your family.

Can you feel Butterflies in your stomach?
This is the most common sign you can’t ignore.

Want them to Stay Back:
When you don’t mind even if your someone special stays back with you in night.

Start Imagining Future:
When you start imagining you future with them. It’s Love for you.

They are you in your Dreams:
When your someone special is the only one in your dreams.

You can’t Imagine yourself with Anyone Else:
When you can’t imagine to involve yourself with someone else.

You are comfortable with them:
When you are in love with them you become comfortable in sharing anything and everything to them.

‘I’ become ‘We’:
When you suddenly refer yourself and him/her as ‘We.’

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They Become Your Speed Dial:
Whenever something happen you can’t ignore them to inform or are the first ones you tell anything.

When someone becomes your Priority:
When someone suddenly becomes your priority. This is the fact you can’t ignore about being in love.

When you find out they did something dangerous:
You get annoyed when you know they did something dangerous which can easily be avoided.

When you like even their Bad Breathe:
It’s love when you don’t mind them kissing you with bad breathe. Hug you in all sweat.

He is your partner in crime:
When someone becomes your partner in crime. He is the one who is there with you everywhere and anywhere.

When you both become partners in any venture together:
When you don’t mind becoming partners in one venture or doing anything together.

Jealousy is the key sign that tell Love is in the AIR! You start becoming jealous in little things too.

You Ignore their Rudeness:
When you just so easily ignore their rudeness and won’t mind such behavior.

Exchange your Facebook Passwords:
It has recently become one of the signs that show people are in love. They don’t mind exchanging their Facebook passwords.

They are Free to Visit anytime to you :
When you allow that someone special to visit you anytime of the day and night.

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You neglect their Mistakes:
When you are fine when they commit errors and you don’t mind neglecting their mistakes.

When you don’t needs Words:
When you don’t needs words to communicate anything between you both but you still understand everything.

You want to spend your free time with them:
It is only with them you want to spend you free time with.

When Someone ‘s Opinion matters to you:
You don’t reach to any decision without taking their opinion on it.

You can be ‘Yourself ‘
When you can be yourself with them. You are in love!

Same Thinking Process:
Often you find both of them thinking the same thing about something. When you say the same thing at the same time.

You can’t hear Negative about Them:
You are in love when you can’t hear a word against them.

They give you the feeling that nobody can give you:
It always a good feeling when you are with them.

No problem in giving the Commitment:
Yes! its true when someone is ready to give his commitment to you. Its love for you! Never Ignore it.

Don’t mind their Imperfections:
When someone falls in love they tend to neglect the imperfections of a person

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Looks Becomes Secondary:
When you don’t mind of those love handles or the extra wait people usually put on after some time or years.

You enjoy them being a crazy:
When you don’t mind them being crazy about something.

They become your Life:
When someone becomes your life. Be sure you are in love.

You can’t Imagine your life Without Them:
When you fear losing them.

You don’t Ignore Questions about them in Public:
When you don’t mind answering questions related to them in public or accepting the fact that you both are together.

When they know you inside out:
When they know your strengths and your weaknesses.

When you are fine in telling the anything to them
When you can’t hide anything from them. You are unconditionally in love with them.

They compliment your Life:
When someone is there to compliment your life rather than complicating it.

When someone treats you a responsibility:
When someone makes you feel that you are their responsibility and not a burden.

It’s a fantasy to you:
When the idea of being in love becomes a fantasy and your only dream that you want to accomplish.

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Thus, the following 50 signs will help you understand when its love for you.