The Fair and The Balanced Libra


The Fair and The Balanced Libra

The peacemakers of the squad, a Libra though they have many indecisive qualities, is best known for their balanced decisions. Born between September 23 – October 22, they belong to the AIR group that includes- Aquarius and Gemini. As the air sign, a #Libra loves to have intellectual (But not boring) talks, prefers books over loud gatherings and enjoys small social gatherings. Choosing a #Libra as your partner is both graceful and diplomatic. Why diplomatic?? Search for the answer below.

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The Fair and The Balanced Libra

Point No.1- They are Hopelessly Romantic

Romance is in their blood, romance is in their mind, they love to live in a fairytale world. Dating them can be fun but at times it can be hopelessly unrealistic at the same time. They love those background music types romance, where when one would fall the hero would come and hold her, or something like “A walk to remember”. But it’s not that easy to explore this romantic side of her’s. She can be extremely private when it comes to her emotions or feelings. Only when they have this confident on you, they will show their explicit romantic side.

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Point No.2- They love harmony

They are the peacemakers of the Zodiac squad. They love to sort out disputes with ease and calm words. Using cuss words or breaking into a horrific fight is not their style. Having said this I would love to add that they have a hard time saying NO to those whom they love deeply. No matter how selfish or rude they have been to them, once a Libra loved someone deeply, it’s equally difficult for them to hate those people.

But, that doesn’t mean they have a tough time taking the right decision. This is where their balancing act comes into the limelight. They are a keen listener and thus, they will first listen to both the parties and then declare their judgement. This is the reason why Libra have a lot of friends. Cause they take mutual decisions and are not ruled by prejudices.

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Point No.3- They are charmers by nature but…..

But they don’t indulge in flirting. They are deep down loyal mates and can go to any extent to prove that. Having said prove, I mean they will only prove if you are loyal to them. They love being beautiful and all those little beautiful things, actually art or any creative things excites them. A #Libra is really sensitive and can cross any miles to be with you during your worst and happy days. They have this strange quality of standing strong like a tree providing the needed shade to their beloved.

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Point No.4- Madness on a roll

Absolutely true. They love adventures and prefers doing new things every month(If possible). They are not those lazy birds types, a complete insane member of the squad, a libra knows how to fill their thirsty desire of venturing into new things. Be it that guitar class, or that trekking fun, they are always into it. Don’t mistake their downtime mood as LAZINESS, cause, in reality, they are just boosting up themselves to dwell into something more exciting. Before you know what they are up to, a Libra has already packed their mind, filled their suitcase for that next adventure.

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The Fair and The Balanced Libra

Pheww…..this was LIBRA. It was really tiring and exciting to dig deep into the pages of a libra. Filled with live enthusiasm and awesome humanitarian nature, one must be extra careful before dating them. *AMEN*.