Failure Turns Saviour – Shocking Events of Life

Failure Turns Saviour – Shocking Events of Life

Frank and Lily got married to each other five years ago. It was a love marriage. Lily was from a very rich family. She was an interior designer and usually had assignments to work on. Frank was a script writer. He was struggling to get recognition and work. He drove a cab for money through his period of struggle. They both dated for a year before Frank proposed to Lily. While dating, Lily was okay with what Frank did and respected him inspite of his failure. She believed he would someday get a movie assignment. [ Read: There Is A Story Behind Every Little Emotion ]

Failure Turns Saviour - Shocking Events of Life

As time passed, things became got complicated between them. Lily was not satisfied with her husband’s professional failure. She got busier with her own life. She would have parties at home and would sometimes remain out through the day on pretext of work. They had the cutest son named Tyler. He was merely four years old. He had a nanny to look after him until evening, when his parents came back home from work. Lily loved Tyler more than anything in the world. She thought that the only thing saving her marriage was Tyler. If it wasn’t for him, she would’ve divorced Frank by now. [ Read: Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained [ In A Short Story ]


Lily was ashamed of being married to a cab driver. She often called Frank a failure. She never read his scripts or supported his career anymore. Frank could not do any other job because he was a drop-out and didn’t have any certificates to his credit. Also, he had wanted to be a scriptwriter since his childhood. Lily often announced to her friends that it’d been 5 years since Frank could get a single project. He would remain a cab driver all his life. Lily often insulted her husband in front of their son. She asked Tyler to stay away from Frank if he did not want to be a failure. Lily had become extremely negative and disapproving of Frank after they got married.

Frank loved Tyler a lot. He still loved Lily and thought that she would be happy once he got a movie project. Frank also got frustrated of Lily’s behavior at times, and decided to stop trying to convince her. Instead he started focusing more on meeting people from the movie fraternity and driving his cab. He wasn’t ashamed of what he did for a living.

Tyler was playing with his toys one afternoon, when suddenly the door of that room closed with a bang. Tyler locked the knob from inside, unaware of what he did. He had locked himself in the room. His nanny was making a meal for him in the kitchen. When she came, she was shocked that door was locked from inside. She remembered that the windows were open too. She got really scared. Lily had only given her own number to the nanny because she had hired her, and she thought that Frank was of no use anyway. The nanny kept calling constantly, in fear, while banging the door and asking Tyler to open up. But Lily didn’t pick up, her phone was on silent. She was having brunch with friends. [ Read:True Story of Love, Promises and Search ]

 About then, Frank reached home. He saw the nanny afraid and crying. He saw that his son had locked himself up and could hurt himself. He called up two of his friends from the building, and they all broke open the door. Tyler was playing with his action figure of Spiderman, but near the window. Had it not been for Frank, Tyler could have done something to hurt himself.

Soon, Lily checked her phone and saw 20 missed calls. She called back and got to know what had happened. As she heard of the incident, she felt her world crash around her. She panicked and frantically searched for a cab. She found one and rushed back home.  She reached about an hour later, after the door had been broken. She could not stop cursing herself.  She was relieved to see her son fit and fine. She cried a river on Frank’s shoulder. She could not stop thanking him. She realized that she had been an irresponsible mother and wife. She confessed that she could never manage without Frank. Frank consoled her and cheered her up. Everything was fine now. She held Tyler and told him that if he wanted to be a hero, he should be like his dad. [ Read: A Cute Short-Story : Blind Love]

They both started living happily together. Lily started believing in Frank and encouraged him to chase his dreams. She was always there for him after that incident. After another year of struggle and rejections, Frank finally cracked a deal for 3 movie scripts with a renowned director. He stopped driving cabs and now focused on his script writing full time. Soon, Lily was accompanying Frank to award shows and film functions. Lily realized that it was her, who had acted like a failure and not her husband, when she heard her husband’s name being announced as the winner.

Moral – It is your duty to support your spouse’s career choices and dreams. The least you can do is not insult or put your partner down because of temporary failure. As we all know, success eventually comes to only those people who never quit trying, no matter how much failure they encounter.

What do you think about the story? Do you support your spouse’s career choices?