Eye Contact Flirting: It Always Works


Eye Contact Flirting: It Always Works

Eye Contact Flirting: It Always Works. Are you too shy to approach guys first? Are you looking for a way out to make them approach on their own? LikeLoveQuotes.com is here to help you know that Eye Contact Flirting is the best way which will help guys know you are available. Eyes are the windows of your soul. Eyes have the ability to convey the feelings which even words can’t convey. It is the best and the safest way to get the message across and get the answer in no time.

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Eye Contact Flirting It Always Works

Why Eye Contact Flirting is Interesting?

It is the best way to find out if he/she is interested in you or not without speaking a word to your love interest. It is most friendly and interesting way do attract people. Here are Eight Interesting ways to make this kind of Flirting successful.

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A Casual Look: In the beginning you need not do much about it. All you need to do is find a Man you are interested in and just give a casual look to him keeping in mind the fact he notices you when you are looking towards him. This will definitely make him notice you.

A Fleeting Glance: After giving a casual look to him, all you need to do is to give him a fleeting glance. When the person you like looks at you with curiosity, you need to lock your eyes with him for few seconds and look away immediately.

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Do it Again: This means that you need to again repeat the same process of glancing without getting your eyes stuck on him Repeat this for two three times.

Let Him What You are Thinking: Letting him know what you are thinking will help him come out of the confusion that it was not a passing glance. Repeated glance will help them understand that you are very much interested in them.

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Excitement: Building up excitement is another step of the ladder. Once you know that he is looking at you again and again and is getting very much interested in you. You need to make it a point that you have to not look at him for few minutes. This will excite him

Corner of the Eye: Once building of interest is achieved. Keep a check on him by looking him from the corner of your eyes.

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Stare for a Longer Duration: It’s time to take the next step which is to stare him for a longer period of time.

Blushing: While talking to your friends you need to keep in mind that you have to look towards him.

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Thus, Following are some of the interesting ways to flirt with someone using eye contact.