Extreme Jealousy or Insecurity- Time To Say No


Extreme Jealousy or Insecurity- Time To Say No

Jealousy and insecurity look well and good only to a certain point. When this feeling of jealousy and insecurity crosses its limit,  the relationship becomes bitter. It starts losing its importance, the color that was there starts fading away, life becomes a black and white moment with no shades and no highlights. According to logic, #jealousy is the outcome of fear, the fear to lose that someone special from your life. But when this fear starts hampering our mind, health, and body, one should not tolerate it anymore. So, when is the right time to say no?? Know from us.

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Extreme Jealousy or Insecurity- Time To Say No

1/When questions become the backbone of everything

You’ve tried really best to make your partner feel relaxed and understand your point but he/she is not ready to listen to any of your words. No matter how softly and calmly you are trying to explain your partner, they are actually flooding it back with too many questions.  You are answering every question possibly but, your partner is still stuck in his/her thoughts, behaving as if they are only right and no matter what happens they won’t listen to anybody.

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Extreme Jealousy or Insecurity- Time To Say No

2/Privacy becomes a sin

Privacy is everyone’s choice, it’s a necessity to know oneself more closely. But when this privacy becomes a sin, when this privacy actually starts choking your other half! I believe it’s high time you should say NO to your relationship. If your partner doesn’t respect your privacy or in other words, if they are not giving up their diffident attitude, please be kind enough to walk from that relationship.

Extreme Jealousy or Insecurity- Time To Say No

Words Of Wisdom- And at times walking away means allowing both of you the needed space. So go for it, give both of you time, space, relaxation and your mind the medium to think.

3/ “I love you” but not completely

Yeah, love is there between you two but it’s incomplete. Your partner is there with you but still he/she is not there. Physical intimacy, love texts all are there but, the emotions are missing. Those emotions which are needed to make any relationship a moment to remember, those are not there anymore. It would be really impossible to continue an empty relationship, so take a break and save your life.

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Extreme Jealousy or Insecurity- Time To Say No

4/ I am sorry I can’t trust you anymore

Trust is the gum that keeps the two soul together in any relationship.If the thing that binds the two soul together is not there and the reason behind this is #jealousy or #insecurity, I belive saying NO is the best option.

Extreme Jealousy or Insecurity- Time To Say No

Till now I have mentioned those points which can be the outcome of acute #jealousy and one mustn’t shy away or step back from saying NO. “No” doesn’t mean you are breaking up, it simply means you both are allowing each other the time needed to give space to your relationship. Space is not anything bad neither it’s anything that keeps you away from your partner. Space is just a simple technique which helps to give your relationship the needed nutrition to grow.

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Instead of choosing a forever separation, why not take up the TIME TECHNIQUE. Getting away from each other to understand each other is far better that ending the relationship completely. Go ahead, take time, take a break both of you and let the time and  space ensure you that whether you want to stay together or gift yourself a mutual separation.