Some Exquisite and Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Man Feel Special


Some Exquisite and Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Man Feel Special

Feeling or making someone feel special is an exquisite feeling in itself. In fact, the word feeling has a magical vibe which makes people remember that someone special and smile. A moment spent without you is like an incomplete painting, your smile is the colour to my life, you are the reason behind my inexpensive smile and you are the one with whom I desire to spend the last moment of my life. And the YOU is our loving and caring husband. HUSBAND’S are that special part of our life which at times is really hard to describe in words. They do a lot for us and expect a little amount of care and understanding, so today let’s discuss some inexpensive but close to heart ways to make your husband feel special.

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Some Exquisite and Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Man Feel Special

#1. A nice cosy family dinner

When was the last time you all went for a priceless yet romantic family dinner?? Probably not in the recent times. So, being the dutiful wife organise or plan a nice cosy family dinner. Just you, your beautiful children(If any) and your man. Here are some tips to help you spice things up-

  • Decide some lip-smacking dishes like classic potted shrimps, smoked salmons with prawns or anything you wish to include as the starter.
  • Now for the main course, do the things he loves the most. Give a romantic feeling to it by hanging some fond memory photographs of you and your husband.
  • You can also name the food according to him. Like for the starters- The Mr.’s Choice and for the main course name it- Truly Mainly Manly  or anything you feel will do justice to the atmosphere.
  • Don’t forget to end the dinner with some eyes rolling sweet dish platter. You can make his favourite mixed fruit crumble or something unique. Just make sure you do it with love. 

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Now comes the decoration part. You’re organising a happy platter and the background is a normal one?? A big NO NO. Spare some more time and decorate it with lightly perfumed candles, add some photographs, it can be of his childhood, marriage photographs, don’t forget to play some cool family music.

#2.Pack him a surprise tiffin

A way to a man’s heart is through his tummy. Yes, truly said, it’s indeed the best way to every man’s heart. Pack his favourite tiffin and pack an extra for his office colleague too. You know, so that he can boastfully talk about how tasty food his wife cooks.

#3. Take a day off from your office and pamper him

Call your boss and inform him that you won’t be able to come to the office for the day. Surprise your husband by staying at home and sweep him off his feet by pampering him after he returns from his daily work. Give him a nice shoulder, head massage. Pour him a freshly made glass of mocktail, dress up the way he loves to see you in. Rest, up to you how you want to spend the night.

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#4. Utilise the rains

And if it’s the season of rain, just make sure you and your man get some rain therapy. Meaning, just stand on your terrace with a glass of wine or beer and get drenched in the rain. Wash out all those stress, those officer rebukes and feel the moment.

#5. Under the starry skies

Have you wondered how the sky looked at night?? Have you ever wondered over the fact that those twinkling stars are actually million years old, dead, but still shining and twinkling in the sky. How beautiful it can be to look at, along with your loving husband in your arms. My imagination lost its way while thinking about such an exquisite sight.

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#6.Just a long long drive

Put on your seat belts, pack the essentials needed and drive the way to an unknown land. But yes, make sure you have an emergency cash and some needed essentials to deal with any kind of emergency. Spend some exquisite moment, arrange a nice camp night out and feel the vibes. What else you need when you have your wife beside you and nobody else to disturb, not even your cute little children’s. Go for it.

Some Exquisite and Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Man Feel Special

Weaving those magical moments is not always about money, sometimes it’s just about using your brain and planning some exquisite ways to make your husband feel special. He is your man and nothing can change this, only you have to understand your husband and give him that moment or space he needs to relax.

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Words Of Love: At times, a true understanding is much costlier than any other materialistic gifts in the world.