Expressions To Avoid While Talking To Your Man


Expressions To Avoid While Talking To Your Man

Expressions and emotions are the two E’s of a healthy relationship. These two if used correctly can blossom the relationship into a beautiful flower and if used inappropriately can bring along some heavy bad luck with it.

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Expressions To Avoid While Talking To Your ManGenerally, we girls think that men are always cool with what we say and how we express, they don’t feel bad and are in fact the storehouse of COOLNESS. It may sound weird but, you know certain expressions cannot be explained in few words, so to make it sound much easier to you, let me point out the phrases or expressions which if used can make your guy feel really really sad or vulnerable.

1/ I don’t want to hurt myself again

Ok! You were hurt badly by his behaviour or by an incident, he made you feel like an emotional creep, but after everything when he came back and is trying to repent for his mistakes, don’t send him back by saying these words. It not only hurts you but also him, give him the last chance he deserves to improve. Just trust him with your eyes open and not blindly.

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2/I can’t be your mother

Whether you accept it or not but every guy out there want his girlfriend to scold and protect like his mother does (AT TIMES). You know it’s the law of human nature, men are strong physically but when it comes to emotions and taking a strong decision they need someone emotionally stronger beside them. And that’s why they at times behaves like a small kid and having said that phrase you are only hurting his emotions but also to some extent his male ego. He might feel that you consider him to be a manchild, which is not true at all.

3/ Is that girl hotter than me

Trust me this was one of my favourite phrases to quirk up any random issue. Whenever I saw him liking someone else’s post (BASICALLY A GIRL) I used to fuse my mind and start a fight by “Is that girl hotter than me??” . Please, it’s my earnest request avoid this phrase, your guy feels like a cucumber trapped between two slices of bread, where if he answer’s NO he would be showered with other questions and if he pauses for a moment, only god knows whats going to happen next.

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4/ You know my EX is….

You left your EX because he was not worth your emotions, then why bringing it up every now and then?? And if you consider this as a weapon to test your man’s loyalty meter then let me tell you, this will only ruin your current relationship into pieces. He knows your EX very well and there is nothing interesting in that. Just like you, your man also suffers from insecurities when you say such things.

5/Its for me you broke up with her

Another most irritating phrase used by girls. I mean what makes you think like this, he left his previous girlfriend due to some other issues and no you were not the reason. And even of you were the reason,don’t you think his life has taken a different turn altogether (IN THE BETTER WAY). Each time you pop up this question, your man feels like giving up everything and going forever. How many times he has told you that you were not the reason and in fact the fact that he is happy with you, is this not enough to prove his loyalty or happiness??

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6/ You won’t leave me naa

At times this question works, but every single time and after every single text if you ask your man whether he will stay forever without or not, clearly shows how low your confidence level is. He feels hurt and depressed that inspite of doing everything, after crossing so many hurdles together, she is not confident enough to be with me.

Expressions To Avoid While Talking To Your Man

Its high time now that you should re-consider what you say. Even though they are boys, they too have feelings and can feel bad. And at times, one slip of the tongue can cost you a heavy amount, so think before you speak.