10 Exciting Ways to Find Missed Connection

10 Exciting Ways to Find Missed Connection

Imagine this – you’ve bumped into a girl in the supermarket and you’ll hit it instantly; since the billing queue is long, you end up chatting away for the longest time, till she bills her groceries and then she’s off! Wait, you forgot to get her number! How do you get in touch with her? You’ve missed your connection! I mean, this girl may be your soul mate after all! Relax, you will definitely find her as long as you are determined enough. We’ve witnessed situations where a 92-year old man reunited with his 82-year old love over a letter! So get some inspiration and take a few tips on how to find your lost/missed connection.

10 Exciting Ways to Find Missed Connection

  1. Spread the Word

If you want to find this girl you need a full army to assist you in this search! So tell all your friends and family about her! Give them all the details you know. Spreading the word and information will get you some leads because they will in turn tell their friends and family and soon you will have built a big network of “Find my Girl.” [ Read: 10 Ways to Make Friends in a New City Post-College


  1. Note all Details

Go home and write down every single piece of information you’ve got of that person during your meeting. Relive the entire conversation to chalk down small details – it may be her place of work, school/university, pet’s name, favourite restaurant, etc. Each piece of information is critical at this stage!

  1. Survey Social Media Websites

You’ve got her first name and city she lives in – this is enough information to launch your search. Log onto Facebook, Tinder, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ you name it! You should search all social media websites you are aware because in today’s day and age all internet users are active on a minimum of one social website. So surely, you’ll find her/him on this platform. [ Read: 8 Ways to become socially more active ]

  1. Write a Letter

Ride the old school path! You may have an address written down somewhere, it may be her parent’s residence, her old apartment or previous work place. Take a shot and send a letter to the address in hand, you never know  the letter may be passed on to her from that address and she’ll get in touch with you in a month’s time!

  1. Use the Power of Twitter Hashtags

Use your weapons wisely! Twitter is one platform which is accessed by all first and second world residents! Name your hashtag and publicize it all over the site. With technology progressing, you can use the same hashtags on Facebook and Instagram as well. Seeing these hashtags all over popular sites, some friend, acquaintance or follower will help you get her contact details! [ Read: 10 tips to stay smart when finding love online this New Year ]

  1. Retrace your steps

Go back to your meeting place and spend some time there – this option has the highest possible chances of connecting with him/her again. It maybe the mall, the supermarket, Starbucks, or any other place, wherever you met her, the chances of bumping into her at the same place are are very high.

  1. Google Search it

Log onto the biggest Search Engine Operation in our world! Type in whatever you know about her/him – first name, school name, city, type of car she/he drives, her dogs name – anything at all! Google will bring up all information it can relate to your search and you may just have your answer on your screen in a few minutes! [ Read: Chat Room Friendship – Pros and Cons ]

  1. Sign Up on Dating Apps

Blind dates are a passé now! Our world has become so much more advanced than it was a few years ago! Today, you can simply download a dating app and select your partner and most of these dating apps have location services. Download a location detecting dating up, let your location be visible and browse through it. If he/she is also going through the site, he himself will find you and get in touch with you!

  1. Stick ‘Wanted’ Bills

Gear up your search! Be courageous and print out posters with his name and some brief, yet important details. Now go across your area, the place you met him/her, metro stations, malls, movie theaters and stick these posters everywhere. If not your soulmate himself, his friend or family will definitely get a glimpse of this help you revive your missed connection! [ Read: True story of love, promises and search ]

  1. Ask Officials of Meeting Place

If you met at the airport, supermarket or a particular restaurant, get in touch with officials who work there – the airline, the supermarket cashier or the restaurant manager. Coax them and they may oblige to your request because the receipt or boarding pass will definitely get you his contact number or address.

The journey of finding you missed connection is so thrilling, that it is an experience all together!

Your efforts will surely bare fruits, all thanks to the world’s new best friend – the internet. So take that initiative to find your missed connection because a missed connection is a missed opportunity, and you don’t want to lose out on that one person who has played the strings of your heart so melodiously!