Every Girl Deserves A Fairy Tale Ending

Every Girl Deserves A Fairy Tale Ending

Every girl deserves a guy who can make her smile even when she is not in a mood to smile, she deserves a guy who would be there by her side even if the whole world is against her. A guy who would respect and appreciate her efforts. Every girl deserves a guy who would shower her with unconditional love, care and affection.

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Every Girl Deserves A Fairy Tale Ending

Dear Girls,

You don’t need a guy who treats you like shit. You don’t deserve a guy who keeps you up at night just because you’re waiting for them to respond to your text. You don’t need to stay up waiting for him to call. You shouldn’t have to second guess him when he’s with other people, other girls.

If you love him, then you need to trust him. That’s a must. You can’t love someone, and not trust them. What you do deserve is a guy who treats you like you’ve never been treated before. You deserve a guy who will be the one that stays awake at night thinking about you, and how perfect you are. You deserve to have that happily ever after. Every girl that’s been hurt before deserves that.

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I tell you, don’t regret the things you have done or the things you have chosen not to do. Smile, because you never know who is falling in love with it. Let go of what you can’t change; love deeply and forgive quickly. Many people will walk in and out of your life, let them go – if they were important their footprints will be left on your heart. A happy heart, lets the face grow cheerful.

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So this is my wish for you

– comfort on difficult days
– smiles when sadness intrudes
– rainbows to follow the clouds
– laughter to kiss your lips
– sunsets to warm your heart
– hugs when spirits sag
– friendships to brighten your being
– beauty for your eyes to see
– faith so that you can believe
– confidence for when you doubt
– patience to accept the truth
– courage to know yourself
– love to complete your life

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You don’t need a guy who takes you for granted, a guy who treats you as an option. Don’t give him place in your heart, the devil himself was once an angel in heaven, so be careful who you trust. If you trust such a guy you will have to fight a war inside your head every single day. Normal people don’t go around destroying other humans, so don’t waste time on shitty people.