How to Entertain a Girl Over Text ? Excite Her Mind with Words


How to Entertain a Girl Over Text ? Excite Her Mind with Words

Want to entertain your girlfriend over a text? Are you looking ways to do keep her happy in text? is here to help you know how to keep her entertained even while talking on text with her. It is difficult to entertain your girl in texts. But it can be the most easiest thing if you try to master it. Want to know how to master this technique? All you need to do is to keep reading and keep exploring the ways to do it.

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How to Entertain a Girl Over Text Excite Her Mind with Words -likelovequotes

Words That Will Entertain Her

Sometimes entertaining a girl does not mean to take her to a dream date or to ask for a dance with her. We can simply entertain a girl my making our voice reach to the other end. Now, the question arise how this is possible over a text? This is because texts limit our communication options. But anything is possible if you really wish to make it happen.

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Use Statements Than Questions:
Putting up unnecessary questions make her think that you have n opinion of yours. It is better to make statements and assert your opinion when and where it is needed. It highlights and enhances your personality.

No Critical Analyze:
It is rightly said that conversations are treasured when both the partners go with the flow. Try not to analyze each and every word and sentence she utters. Learn to read between the lines.

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Use Catchy Words:
Using catchy words makes the conversation exciting and interesting. Try to be soft and innovative in your use of words while you talk to a girl.

Thus, following are the things to to keep in mind in order to entertain the girl you are talking with.