Ending a Date – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Way

Ending a Date – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Way
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Ending a Date – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Way

From the complications of defining and understanding love to falling into it, love has evolved for centuries in many forms. In earlier times, when our grandparents got together, it was more of a family affair than of the couples who were actually getting married. But times change and so does the demand. With so much evolution in the human brain, feelings and emotions have also evolved. DATING is the output of the same, If we go into the wiki meaning of this term this is how it is been defined. Dating is a part of human mating process whereby two people meet socially for companionship, beyond the level of friendship, or with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or marriage’.  Dates can be very tricky. Some can be sailed through smoothly and some end up sucking the life out of you. [ Read: How to be a Good Girlfriend in Ten Steps ]

So, here are the three good old ways ones date can end.


You plan on meeting this girl for the very first time and decide to take her out for a fancy lunch. You like how she is extremely beautiful and has all the table manners. You instantly fall for her. You guys get to talking and you figure out that she is a selfless and independent person which makes her more attractive. You guys had a lovely time together. You both immediately hit it off and are keen on knowing more about each other. With every passing minute your heart tells you that you’ve met your partner finally and shouldn’t let them go.  The date is harmonious. You do not want it to end. All these signs tell you how wonderful your day has been and how excited you both are to see each other again. You end up paying the bill like a true gentleman and you both exchange numbers at the end of the date and make plans for meeting again. There could be no better way to end a date and this sums up to be a perfect date which has ended in the most brilliant manner. [ Read: Romantic Proposal Ideas to Win Them Over ]


This might not be a nice way to end a date but trust me this actually happens. You both meet for coffee in this famous coffee shop. You both are dressed to kill but nobody seems interested to offer a compliment. The place looks beautiful, the aura is just right and, in fact, you are even in the mood to try a different coffee flavour today. Taking all this into consideration, there is still something missing. The day seems dull and you both are hardly attracted enough to each other to even start a conversation.  Such dates exist. You both end up splitting the bill because the guy couldn’t care less to show any gentlemanly gestures. You end up exchanging a tasteless goodbye and head your respective ways, already knowing in your heads that you are never planning that second date. [ Read: Flirting Tips for Women that can Attract Men ]


This is the weirdest situation you could ever get yourself into. You both are paired through some random friends because they also know how boring and lifeless you have become after staying single for a long time. You guys end up making plans for a movie and you don’t get tickets which obviously leads to lunch. You wait for 20 long minutes for a table and by the time you end up ordering you are already so irritated with each other and everything else that you wish to kill someone today. If all this wasn’t enough, you both start arguing about something over lunch which leads to a big fight and you start calling each other names. You finally say out loud how stupid you both feel to have wasted all this time on each other followed by some more unpleasant abusive language. You split the bill, obviously, and don’t even bother to say goodbye to each other and just leave as fast as you can. You already have an evil plan set in your mind to put in action the next time you see their face and this plan is definitely harmful. [ Read: Reasons WHY Throwing Tantrums at Your Partner is Not Cool ]

Dating has its own pros and cons. If you like going on dates then do it but don’t make a hobby out of it. Some dates can go extremely well and some might be an epic fail but this shouldn’t be your criteria to judge love. You shouldn’t stop believing in the concept of ‘love’ and ‘happily ever after’. There are countless ways to present yourself on a date. You can be a total douche and disrespect the other person and on the other hand you could show that you have been brought up in a respectful family and behave like it. In the end it’s all about the connection. If you feel you hit the right notes on the first date then you should totally risk it and take it forward because dating without risks and challenges is boring and you obviously don’t want that in your life. Happy dating.