Too Empathetic? 4 Ways to Detach Yourself


Too Empathetic? 4 Ways to Detach Yourself

When you feel or share other person’s emotions, and get dissolved in it, then you are surely too empathetic about different people who talk to you. Sometimes, you might also get emotional or go out of the way to help him/her overcome the situation.

Being empathetic is not bad, however, there can be a possibility that you might end up being possessive or taking up the space a person wants. Sometimes, this might also end up helping a wrong person up, which might put you in a bad situation or you might have to face a heavy loss for the same. Hence, one needs to draw the line before being too emotional or generous and start leading a better life.

Keep reading to find out, how one can stop being too empathetic or emotional for others.

1. Analyze the Situation


If someone is telling you something, or is just crying over a situation then they probably just want you to listen and not react or be emotional. If you also start sailing in the same boat then probably he/she may not understand what to do and this might worsen the situation.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that some people might come to you to ask for help that would lead to your loss. Analyse the situation, check it personally and then provide help.

2. Learn to Control from being too empathetic


As said earlier, being empathetic is not bad unless you know where to draw the line. Stop being too emotional, when someone tells you something. Be strong and tell him/her how she can improve the situation than taking the charge and doing it for him/her.

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3. Do not help if you feel too empathetic


One problem with empathetic people is that they tend to help others but end up doing all by themselves. To try avoiding this, ask for help or show the person how the intended task can be done. Doing this you are making yourself and the other person strong enough to face the situation.

4. Come out of your cocoon


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When you are empathetic and are unable to help the other person then you tend to get into a zone where you want to sit alone and not talk to anyone. Do not do this and try to talk to your partner or your BFF about the situation and try to take help to guide the person in trouble.

Be happy, Start Living!