Embracing The Pages From Your Past Yet Again


Embracing The Pages From Your Past Yet Again

Once its done, its done! We can’t embrace the pages from our past life yet again. Cause we know how the things were earlier, how we broke-up and living those moments yet again, is not possible.

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Embracing The Pages From Your Past Yet Again

But what if life gives you a second chance to resolve the matter with your EX all over again. Will you give it chance or will you let it pass?? And if you give it a chance, then what steps or precautions would you follow?? Here are we today with the solution to help you deal with your EX all over again.

1/Never Dig the Old Grave

No matter how hard or difficult your past was, no matter who betrayed whom, if you both have decided to give another chance then bringing up the old issues is a big NO NO. Leave the past behind and start a fresh journey.

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2/ Stop Playing QUESTION and ANSWER games

You both were separated for a long time, you both had a different life during that phase. Might be you both dated someone and there’s nothing wrong in it. But asking questions about what they did during that phase or whom they dated is a bad concept. It’s none of your business to know whom they dated during that phase, if all things go right your partner will say those stories to you. But only when the time is right and definately not during the early phase.

3/ Avoid Too Much Expectations

Things can be very weak initially, you both had a different world before this and you both know the reason why you broke up, so keep things low and avoid putting too many expectations initially. Keep the contact or the meeting normal, talk new things, laugh and gossip hearty conversations other than picking up things like- “I expect that this time things would go on the right track” etc, keep it light, keep it fun.

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4/ Start it with a new page

Begin your journey all fresh. A new story, a new beginning, avoid bringing up those lost pages and write a new story both of you. Spend time in a different place and not the place you used to visit earlier. Give your journey a new understanding, try to understand your partner all over again in a new way.

5/ Maintain A Rhythm

The rhythm of balance! The truth that you guys were couple earlier and that you had a bad or might be a mutual break up, is still fresh and slightly new. So, keeping in mind the olden golden days and learning to learn from your mistakes, you should always keep in the mind these points:

  • Don’t fall for him/her madly and instantly. Give time, GO SLOW
  • Don’t vent out your feelings like how you felt when he/she left you or how you were after the break-up. NEVER
  • Don’t trust so easily. This is nothing bad, you should know where to draw a line and keep yourself stress-free.Think about the issues which made you vulnerable earlier.

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6/ Don’t go for SEX instantly

Having sex is not only meant for physical satisfaction, it’s the moment which binds the two souls into one, emotionally makes them attached. So before going for sex, give your relationship some needed time, go for short dates, long walks, talk about the things you want in life, be nice, kind, and frank.

7/ Learn from your past

This means you already know why things didn’t work out earlier, what were the misses and the issues that lead to the break-up. So now, when you both have decided to give it a second chance, don’t repeat those mistakes again. Learn to learn from your past to write a new present and publish a beautiful future.

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Embracing The Pages From Your Past Yet Again

Embracing your past, or re-opening the pages from your past is nothing bad, you just  need to be a bit more cautious and alert. Never repeat the same mistakes you did earlier, change if you have any negative traits or quick anger issues, change the habits for which he/she broke up with you, go slow and above all, trust the blessings of love. Love is never boastful, love is never jealous of anybody, love never tells you to be rude nor it behaves badly, LOVE is LOVE, it’s just simple and flows like a water.