Embrace Love as a Blessing

Embrace Love as a Blessing

When life gives you lemons; make lemonade’. From ages we had been listening to this saying and yet there is another one stating ‘Life doesn’t always give a second chance’. But if you get – consider and believe that you are lucky and if it happens in love – relationship, of course you are a God’s child.

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Embrace Love as a Blessing

It might not be easy to make a move, thinking about your previous experiences you had in your relationship but believe me, life is indeed beautiful and trust that whatever happens, happens with a reason, for a reason. God has chosen you for a purpose. Let it define as to who you are.

Having trust in a relationship is very important for any relationship to blossom – for one has to give his / her best and believe that miracles do exist. When you get a second chance; embrace all you have on your plate enthusiastically. Do let your grey cells do their job but don’t overthink much. Let things reveal with the due course of time and remember, patience always pays off!

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Give your best and leave it up to him for the rest!

Believe in yourself, Trust in other person’s feelings are the two key factors for any relationship to form into a love-bond. You might be in your courtship, arrange marriage or love marriage, mark my words – these are a must for any form of relationship. Why only love for the matter, for any association you form, you can’t have dubious thoughts over the same thing. Either take it or leave it. But be sure of your feelings first and don’t doubt!

Turn your relationship into a bond full of trust and love, for you will have peace of mind and a good night sleep to be specific. Let destiny unfold and reveal what’s stored in.  God is there to take care of you. Carry positive thoughts and perform such acts. Being true to yourself is utmost important.

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It’s not always about ‘mill and boons’ stories but one has to be practical in life to take care of everything; even love. Embrace love as a blessing!