Effective Ways To Make A Guy Chase You


Effective Ways To Make A Guy Chase You

It is normal for guys to chase after women. But your guy seems uninterested? Looking for effective ways to make your guy or any guy to chase you? What do you do if the guy doesn’t show interest in you? I’ll let you know just that. It’s not wrong wanting a guy to chase you. If the woman he likes falls for him as easily as he fell for her, then he is going to loose his interest. So the first thing you do is, play difficult to get. Don’t make yourself available always. So he wouldn’t give up on you that easily.

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Make him think he is out of your league, this will make him want you more and more and will take initiative to chase for your love. Be wild, be energetic, be classy and be fun, make it worth for him to chase you. Guys are more expressive on text, so if he is shy in person give it a shot on text. Make him chase you by text. Be witty, mysterious and teasing over text, men like to have such woman around. It will definitely draw you to him. Confidence is one of the greatest traits that any woman should have. It is what makes him fall crazy in love with you. Believe in yourself, do not doubt your worth. Once you believe that you are a great catch, the man will also believe the same.

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Stop making yourself available to him 24*7, stop making him feel like he is extremely special. He is not going to chase you anywhere when he got your complete attention. Keep yourself busy, spend some time with your friends, give him a late reply. Get him a little jealous. Don’t let him get into your personal space, always keep him out of it. Do these and he will definitely not get bored of you.