Don’t Rectify Yourself For ME but Improve For YOURSELF


Don’t Rectify Yourself For ME but, Improve For YOURSELF

We are not kids anymore right! So, why we don’t behave like one, why we still feel that our parents, our girlfriends are actually telling us to improve for their own benefits?? They are saying you to improve yourself for your own benefits. Time is money and no matter how boring this quote might sound but, it is true. The time you waste now on lame things, instead, utilize it to correct your own flaws.

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Don't Rectify Yourself For ME but, Improve For YOURSELF

Why you will do it??

Well, for your benefit. I mean, yes it’s true that standing at this point of time you might be having so many friends around you, you are enjoying your life, your life is moving great and all but, but, what after 3 years?? What will happen when the insect called REALITY will bite you?? How you will cope up with it?? Those friends whom you had a fun night out with have already sorted out their future plannings. Where will you stand?? I mean, would you love the fact that after 5 years your friends are still paying the most amount in a get-together and you the least?? THINK ABOUT IT!

Money is not everything but …..

But money is the key to everything. There are a certain very basic materialistic thing we need to run our life and for that, we have to earn hard bucks. I mean, accept it, we all want to have our own car, our own secured house where we can keep our mom dad and our family safe. Give them the happiness they are waiting for, don’t seek for the temporary happiness which has no long term commitment in it. Your future, your money , is in your hand. Don’t you feel like going to a nice holiday with your friends and family?? Don’t you wish of having a nice cosy house, filled with some really costly artifacts?? Even, don’t you feel like buying yourself a nice pair of branded shoes?? Don’t you!

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Work on yourself for yourself

You are having a lavish time, hot girls are roaming around you, people are calling you for night outs, etc etc. You are actually doing what you believe is the right thing to do-ENJOYING. Well, do you really think that this is enjoyment?? NO. Enjoyment is when you don’t have to worry about your future anymore, enjoyment is when you know that no matter what, I can survive and help my closed one’s during the time of emergency, enjoyment is that small moment where you don’t have to worry about your spendings anymore. And how are all these possible?? Simple, by focusing and improving your life right now so that in future you don’t have to spend the rest of your life by biting your nails. I am not saying you to improve yourself for anybody else, improve yourself for your own benefits. Cause, 10 years from now, those girls won’t come to your rescue neither they will be paying your hospital bills. Got my point!

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Life is short-

Friends, life is really short and time is shorter. We have to fool time by utilizing it properly, calculatingly and coherently. Each step, each move you make now, holds a strong impression of your future. I am not saying to worry about your future and have a sleepless night but, don’t you think that today’s sleepless night can be tomorrow’s peaceful sleep?? Don’t you feel that if you work hard on your career now, you’ll spend the rest of your 10 years without any tension of “How will I earn for this month’s installment?”

Don't Rectify Yourself For ME but, Improve For YOURSELF

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Words of advice– Opportunities do knock our door and at times, the knock is really soft, we have to be keen enough to listen to its knock.