Double Date with other Couples – Pros and Cons

Double Date with other Couples – Pros and Cons

When two people are in a relationship and a happy one at that, the next step in their relationship after moving in or getting engaged is, find another couple to spend their time with! Couples can understand other couples better and while three can be crowd, four can become a lot fun. [ Read: 15 Cute First Date Ideas to WOW Your Lady Love ]

Double Date with other Couples – Pros and Cons

The fad that I am talking about here is called “double dating”. Double dates can be very interesting but can also wear a couple out completely. Two couples can go off for vacations together, for a hike or enjoy a game of Charades or Pictionary together. There is a reason why couples don’t like to hang out with either their single guy pals or girl pals. It could be due to insecurity, commitment or trust issues. The safest option then becomes to date other couples, which makes it less complicated and easy to deal with for both people. But sometimes, it can become a tad boring to hang out with other couples, as partners are usually guarded in front of each other and this can make it a pretentious fest. [ Read: How to Date A Girl By Making Her Laugh


Let us look at few pros and cons of a couple dating another couple!


  1. Can do couples stuff

There are certain activities which can be done only with other couples and not single friends due to various reasons. It can be simple things like a brunch or a game of doubles tennis or badminton. Moreover, if they have kids, the couples can go together for a play date with their children. Singles usually wouldn’t be interested in such stuff; hence couples are preferred for such activities. [ Check out: Being a Casanova – Pros and Cons ]

  1. Some inspiration, some help

If you are friends with a couple who is absolutely head over heels for each other, it can inspire you in many ways. Some couples do various things for each other, they can even sacrifice things for each other’s happiness. Seeing your couple friend do such things, you might get inspired to bring changes in your relationships. If you are having issues with your love life, a couple will understand it better and give you a better advice as they have experienced it too. You all can discuss various free insurance policies or gas/ electricity prices!

  1. Refreshing Change

It gets boring to just be with each other all the time for every couple, hence when they become friends with a new duo, they feel a bit of jealousy for each other, a bit more love is expressed and get to see other side of their partners which they might not witness when they are alone with their partners. Thus, it comes as a refreshing change in their lives. [ Also read: Dating best friends – Pros and Cons ]


  1. Time management

It is often difficult for two people to make time for each other in this hectic lifestyle, how difficult will it be to manage work, friends, health and double dates for four people together? It can be quite tough, given the four people are in different professions and can face different kinds of work pressure and environment.

  1. Jealousy

Sometimes, your couple friend might get too friendly with your partner. If your partner is getting too flirty with your friend, it will definitely break your heart and hurt you. These kinds of problems make double dating a complex activity. Everyone must enjoy friendship and each other’s company within limits.

  1. Miss your single friends

Although you make friends with other couples for doing the “couple stuff”, can they really take the place of your single friends whom you might have known from long?  It can be that the couple you are dating, the husband is good but the wife is absolutely irritating and rude. Is it possible to date such a couple then? It becomes irritating when one person of the couple friend is good to you and other person seems like he or she has been dragged along. [ Read here: Blind Dating – Pros and Cons ]

 What are your thoughts on double dating? Share your views with us in the comments section.