Don’t Get too Comfortable. They Never Stay.


Don’t Get too Comfortable. They Never Stay.

It is by chance that you met each other and by choice you got close to each other. But when it comes to staying till the end, it might not be a choice one or both are willing to make. It doesn’t matter how deep the memories you have shared, it doesn’t matter what you went through, still when it comes to deciding if or not you want to continue, it will remain uncertain. Getting together is the easy part, it is the staying together that is tough.  Forever is as true as anything can ever get, only thing is forever won’t work with people, only the memories would last forever. You felt each other because you both wanted to, you invested your time in each other because you felt like that’s the right thing to do. But when it comes to taking it to the next stage, you both are not capable to do so. It could be because you are unsure of whether you could have this perfect life of your’s if they are by your side. The minute you are unsure of where you stand with someone, you simply start walking away.

This uncertainty could be the result of various things. Relationships dies naturally even before they were born, when two people don’t get to connect as much as they used to do. Love dies because of unrealistic expectations too, when you come to terms that the person who you thought is going to be your better half is not capable of delivering even half of the magic you expected in a relationship, you loose interest. Unfulfilled expectations can then lead to feelings of inadequacy and betrayal, which ultimately cause a relationship to fail. You don’t think about any of that in the start, you just have this spark that you could not find in elsewhere, but when you realize there’s not enough fuel to keep this spark going, you simply ignore it’s very existence.

You start loosing hope in a long term relationship with someone when you try to find replacements for your partner. There are many reasons for this to happen, maybe you aren’t as attracted as you used to be, maybe she got less prettier, maybe he got bald, these things hold no real value when it comes to a successful relationship, but even silly tings like these are enough to put a stop to a relationship when the base of your relationship is purely built upon physical beauty rather than the beauty of the hearts. Stop looking for your soul mate and find the missing parts of you. There’s no such thing as the perfect half, if someone claims they are, they for sure are going to leave you halfway.

Sometimes, love dies because of lack of growth. Sometimes, people leave because they don’t get what the thought this relationship will bring to them. Infatuation makes people look at things that are not really there and hides things that are not pleasant to see and with time they start seeing the true nature of their maybe partner, that might not be what they saw when their vision was shadowed by infatuation. When they finally see the true nature of things, they get convinced that there’s no way they could work through that and would leave without any second thoughts, only a few stay back and stay long, for their vision is far superior than the one people see when they have no true feelings. Love dies when it wasn’t really love to begin with. love, despite promises of forever, can sometimes wither away into nothingness.

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Love can’t be brought with any amount of money, people would say. But in reality, financial status does matter when relationships are involved. And we can’t truly blame people for that, each of us grow with a certain image of the lifestyle we want to have in the future and when our partner put’s a stop, even if it’s a temporary stop, many would find it difficult to adjust to. Not all would consider staying together and working their way together towards better finances. When leaving them and choosing someone else means you get to leave the life you always dreamed of, people choose to do so. Money also tends to magnify the levels of power and trust in your relationship, when he/she doesn’t make enough or make less than you do, some tend to exhibit their supremacy over them. Some just leave, simple as that. Some believe that money is the glue that keeps the couple together, they don’t look at other factors. For them walking away from a relationship is far easier than staying together and growing together. Money and love go hand in hand in deciding a long term relationship. Both should be balanced, both should be limited to where they are supposed to be. A love that lacks money “might” not stand the test of time neither would a relationship based on money but lacking love last. Love is one thing that we can say for sure will last long or even forever, but money, though it is must for survival, it will never love you back like a person would. You can loose your money and there is more than one way to earn it back, but love doesn’t work that way. Once you lose someone good over money, they tend not to come back at any cost. Love can sustain you way better than money ever could, Marrying for love is the only good reason to marry. But people don’t care, they really don’t care nor would ever hesitate to walk away from a relationship under the very influence of money.

Beauty is a not important But beautiful Heart is a most important. But as all of you know, people does care about beauty, they care about it a lot that they are more than willing to walk away from someone with a beautiful heart who doesn’t have a beautiful physique. There is no denying that someone’s looks are what initially draws many people together, and there’s nothing wrong in that too, but things does get very wrong when people fail to find internal beauty, when they stick to the external beauty they are in a relationship which will grow boring with each fading day. Physical appearances are not going to be there till the very end, one might be lucky even if it lasts till the half. And when it begins to fade, so is the love. For men having a beautiful, attractive wife is almost like a status symbol and for women having a smart looking, well built, tall, muscular husband is a luxury she is willing to pay for with her beauty. Appearance of a person does not affect the happiness of the couple, it’s your personality that really portray how beautiful you are. But who really cares? They make sure to stay away from those who are not their perfect looking figure.

THEY LEFT BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO LEAVE. There’s nothing much you can do about that.
By ~ Manoj

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