Does Your Boyfriend Talk To His Ex All The Time?

Does Your Boyfriend Talk To His Ex All The Time

Does Your Boyfriend Talk To His Ex All The Time?

Every individual goes through his share of relationships before finds the right person, the one they were looking for. A relationship might end on a bitter note or the two people could decide part ways amicably. If it ends on a bad note, then you would not like to see your ex again. But, if both of them are mature enough to arrive at a joint decision of separating, then they could stay in touch or become friends. You should not get insecure about the fat your boyfriend is in touch with her ex. You have a reason to worry only when you feel that they are getting too close to each other and boyfriends talks to his ex for hours every day. [ Read: 12 Foolproof Ways To Stop Thinking About Your EX And Start A New Life! ]

Even if your boyfriend says he is only being friends with his ex the fact remains that they were a couple once. The spark has died but could be ignited again. If the long conversations persist for a long time, you must ask him the reason behind staying in touch with his ex. You ask him politely without letting him know that you are feeling insecure about it. There could possibly no excuse for talking to your ex for hours at stretch. Ask him whether he still has feelings for her. Tell him it is better to be upfront about it than hiding it. He cannot expect to have two people in his life at the same time. [ Read: 14 Subtle Signs Your Girlfriend’s Not Over Her Ex ]

You must try to find out why did your boyfriend break-up with his ex in the first place? Did they have huge fights or was it an amicable separation? If the reasons behind the break-up were far from being serious, then there is a chance that they could try to get back together. Sometimes, people do not realize themselves but they get drawn to the ones whom they had a relationship in the past. The reason is that they could not forget them completely and erase the memories of their past relationship. Even they have seemed to move on and are dating somebody else at the moment, they cannot deny the feelings they still have for their ex. [ Read: 9 Extremely Romantic Love Sayings That You should Say To Your Love ]

Do you feel you are the only one contributing towards the relationship? Your friend says he loves you but he does not seem to be doing much for you or for the relationship. You feel as if you are the only person interested in the relationship. It could imply he is losing interest in you. You wonder why not he spends much time with you and talks for hours with his ex. You have been loyal to him and have done all that he wanted you do. But, you do not see him shouldering the responsibilities on his part. [ Read: 7 Ideas for Romantic Love Texts Words for Your LOVE ] The fact he is touch with his ex is something that he should tell you. If you get to know about this from somebody else or discover this yourself, you are bound to get about suspicious and wonder why he did not talk about this. In a relationship, there should be no secrets between both of you. There should be transparency and honesty in your relationship. If you are honest with him, then he should be truthful to you too. Maybe he did not lie but he should not have kept you in the dark. This is something that he should have discussed with you and asked you whether you are okay with this or not. [ Read: This Valentine Day, EXPRESS to IMPRESS {Your Crush} ]

You are mature enough to be okay with the fact that your boyfriend is in touch with his ex. What really bothers you is the fact he seems to be giving her more importance than he gives you. He puts your phone on hold when she calls him. He cancels the dinner date you have organized to meet her. He even lies to you many times and makes excuses to meet her or talk to her. Sometimes, he passes of her calls ass calls from friends or colleague and you believe him. It is when you check his call records that you get to know that he was lying to you. If he is just friends with her, then he should have no issues talking to her in your presence and keeping you in loop about their meetings. If he is trying to hide this, perhaps you should confront him and ask him why he is lying to you. [ Read: 8 Signs That You Still Aren’t Over Your EX ]

While you should be conscious about your boyfriend’s friendship with his ex, you should not be extremely judgmental or insecure about it either. If you think that there is more to this friendship, then you should look in to the matte and figure it out. Do not jump at any conclusion before you are sure about anything. Talk to him and listen to his side of the story without any preconceived notions. Take your time before arriving at a decision.