Does your Boyfriend have a Flirty Girl as Best Friend?

Does your Boyfriend have a Flirty Girl as Best Friend

Does your Boyfriend have a Flirty Girl as Best Friend?

Your boyfriend has many female friends, one of whom being his best friend. You were completely cool with this fact until…until you realized that she flirts with him. Each one of us indulges in some sort of healthy flirting once in a while. But, we do feel a little uncomfortable where somebody flirts with your partner all the time. If somebody flirts with you, then he is definitely interested in you. The level of interest varies vastly but if the person flirts with you on a regular basis and at every single opportunity then the interest level is pretty high. If a random woman hits at your guy, then it is not difficult to tell her to stay away and if the situation demands, you could act rough with her as well. However, dealing with a girl who is your boyfriend’s best friend can be very tricky. If you pick up a fight with her your boyfriend could get upset with you. The worst thing that could happen is he could end up taking her side if he has known her for a long time and trusts her slightly more than you. Thus, you need to deal with this situation in a tactful manner.   [ Read: Dealing With Your Man’s Flirty Female Friends ]

She happens to be the best friend of your boyfriend. Hence, it would be a little farfetched to expect her to go away from his life anytime soon. You wonder why not your boyfriend stops her from making advances at him. Well there could be a couple of reasons behind that. He probably does not know that she is flirting with him. They have been friends for long and he must be thinking to be a part of a friendly conversation and nothing more. If he can sense it and does not mind her flirting with then it could mean that he is a fairly road minded person who is okay with girls flirting with him. He would never across a certain line but you never know what the girl could make him do. If you talk about your concerns with him, he could think that you are insecure about their friendship. Which, you obviously are not. You are perfectly fine with him being friends with members of the opposite sex. It is her behavior that is making you feel uncomfortable. It is not that you should not talk to him about this but reserve it as your last option. If you feel that you have tried everything to keep her away from him but it is not working out, then you should go ahead and talk to him.  [ Read: 13 Obvious Signs of Flirting ]

Now that you have thought of your last option, you must do some brainstorming and think of the ways in which you think you can make the girl stay away from him. As it is a sensitive matter and could affect your relationship with your boyfriend, you must plan everything carefully before setting things in motion. You must avoid doing anything that could hurt him and try to keep your thoughts and plans away from him. He should not have the slightest knowledge of what you are up to. Now that you have decided to enter in to the battlefield, you should not spare the girl or show any mercy towards her. Do everything in your capacity to keep her away from your guy. Talk to your guy and dig out every detail of their meetings so that you can make some excuse and stop him from meeting her when he intends to. You must be aware of when he meets her or talks to her. You need to come in the way of those calls and meetings without letting him know that you doing it intentionally.  [ Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Flirting Tips Every Guy Needs To Have In His Mind! ]

You have to respect the fact that she is your boyfriend’s best friend. She has clearly been a good friend to him because of which he holds her in such reverence. But, you must also remember that he is your boyfriend and you are more important to him than all his friends and acquaintances. You are an important part of his life, more important she is. If you have tried everything and all your attempts to keep get away from your boyfriend have failed, then it is time for you to exercise the last option. You must talk to him and make him realize why it bothers you so much. If you are comfortable with the idea of talking to her first, then do it first. Talk to her in a civilized manner and tell her firmly she cannot make advances on your guy. It is wrong and makes you feel uncomfortable. It is better to talk to her first before taking the matter to your boyfriend. If talking to her does not sort out things and she does not mend her ways, you only have your last resort left. Go to your boyfriend and ask him to hear out your thoughts patiently before saying anything. Assure him that you have no issues with him being friends with her but her actions make you feel uncomfortable. If your boyfriend loves you and trusts you, he will listen to you. You must talk to him calmly. You are complaining against his best friend and it may take a while for him to see things clearly. Patience is the key here. There will be difficulties in a relationship but you must overcome them.  [ Read: 11 Facts about Guys that can Help You Read his Mind ]