Does He Like Me? – 18 Signs to Decode His Body Language

Does He Like Me? – 18 Signs to Decode His Body Language

Does He Like Me? – 18 Signs to Decode His Body Language

You might have an inkling that a guy likes you but you could find I difficult to confirm it. You need to absolutely sure before you approach the guy. If he does not like you and you feel h does, it could make you look like a fool in front of him. Similarly, not able to figure it out could make you miss out on a prospective date. Observe him carefully and you will be able to figure out whether he likes you or not. It’s all there – in his body language and the way he reacts physically. [ Read: How Do I Know if He Likes Me if He Won’t Talk to Me? ]

Here are 18 signs to decode his body language:

  1. He looks at you

Try to look at him stealthily without letting him notice you. If you find him looking at you for some time, then you must know that there is something about you that he finds to be interesting. If he is, he would not be able to stop himself from looking at you. [ Read: A Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You… Now What?! ]

  1. He smiles at you

He smiles when you talk to him. But he also smiles at you when you are at a distance from him. You wonder what could be the reason behind his smile.

  1. Lets you know about him

He puts that extra effort to let you know more about him. He could try to be extra sincere or sweet in front of you so that you get to see his sensitive side. [ Read: 18 Signs that Your Date Actually Likes You on the First Date! ]

  1. He stands/sits close

Whenever you both are having a conversation, he tries to stand or sit as close to you as possible. Of course, he maintains some distance so that you do not feel uncomfortable.

  1. He talks softly

He might be talking to others in a loud voice but with you he is careful to keep the pitch of his voice low. There is no trace of roughness in his voice. [ Read: 19 Tips And Tricks – Dating Advice For Introverts! ]

  1. He opens the door for you

Whenever you both walk in to a building, he opens the door and lets you in first and then follows you. He does the same when you travel with him in his car.

  1. He meets you often

He always makes some excuse to meet you. You could see through his excuses but you do not mind as you too like spending time with him. [ Read: Dammit, Why Doesn’t He Like Me Back? ]

  1. He stands straight

He could be in his lousy self with his friends but he makes sure to maintain the right posture while he is with you. He stands straight and there is a certain discipline in his body language.

  1. Physical contact

He makes physical contact with you. He touches your hands and shoulders intermittently but does nothing that could make you feel uncomfortable. He tries but fails to keep his hands off you. [ Read: Find out are Insecure Men Worth Dating? ]

  1. You find him around you

He always finds a reason to accompany you and be around you. It indicates that he likes your company and wants to spend a lot of time with you.

  1. Properly dressed

He always comes well dressed to meet you. You cannot find any fault with his outfits and appearance. You notice that he comes across as slightly more presentable when he is around you than when he is with others. [ Read: 6 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Dress Better ]

  1. He gets impatient

You find him getting impatient when you get late for a meeting with him. When you finally meet him, you can see the anxiety on his face and the relief that come over his face when he sees you.

  1. He flirts with you

The fact that he flirts with you proves that he finds you attractive. You need not flirt with him but if you like you could show your approval by smiling at him. [ Read: Dealing With Your Man’s Flirty Female Friends ]

  1. He seems nervous

Sometimes, you find him to be nervous when he is around you. There is no apparent reason behind his nervousness and whey o ask him about it he too comes across as being clueless about it. You make him nervous just by being around him.

  1. He is happy

He is always very happy when you are with him. You could see a glow on his face when he sees you. There is a sense of excitement and joy he feels when he looks at you. He is not as happy when he is with others as he is with you. [ Read:15 Signs She’s Leading You to Nowhere on the Relationship Path! ]

  1. Confident

He tries to appear as a confident guy in front of you. Confidence is a quality that everyone finds admirable. He feels if he proves himself to be a confident guy, you could get impressed.

  1. Caring

He is very caring towards you and does not over look any of your activities. He makes sure you are happy and have what you want. He is always there for you whenever you need him. [ Read: 6 Rules of the Girl Code – What exactly are those rules? ]

  1. The eye contact

When he looks at you and sees you after awhile, he looks straight in to your eyes. He keeps looking at you as if he were in a spell. He seems lost in your eyes. You hold his attention and he loves surrendering himself to you.

Guys take their own time before coming out with their feelings. Some take forever to do so. If your intuition tells you that a guy likes you, then you must figure it out by keeping a close watch on his body language. Even he fails to express his feelings verbally, his actions will lead you towards the truth.