Do You Often Feel Stressed Out? This will Boost Your Happy Hormones

Do You Often Feel Stressed Out? This will Boost Your Happy Hormones
– Written by: Rajesh Chalke ( reader of )

Do You Often Feel Stressed Out? This will Boost Your Happy Hormones

Stress is such a common term used by everyone these days. Everyone faces stressful situations in life due to various social and psychological factors. People often consider stress as something dangerous, but that may not always be the case. Stress is a normal physiological response. When you sense danger, physical, mental, or emotional, your defenses get into an automatic process known as the ‘fight or flight’ response, also known as the stress response, which is your body’s way of protecting you.

There is good and bad stress. Too much stress or the wrong kind of stress is harmful for health, but some kinds of stress are actually a positive force that help you be more alert, focused, and happy.

Good stress:
This pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you excel in life, learn, grow, and get stronger. It can also sometimes be life saving, like slamming the brakes when you sense an accident or moving your hands away from the fire, etc. It also helps you to concentrate better just before your presentation or exam. Good stress is generally short lived and infrequent. For example, sitting on a roller coaster is fun and exciting but only once. If you sit repeatedly, it wouldn’t be fun anymore. Even exercise is a good form of stress, and even though it gets you little uncomfortable, it makes you feel good. [ Read:  14 Super Quick Stress Busters to Recharge Your Mind ]

Bad stress:
Bad stress, on the other hand, is very damaging to the mind and body. It is long lasting, negative, frequent, depressing, and demotivating. The causes could be financial problems, relationship problems, boss issues, obesity issues, etc. All these can actually cause health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, hair fall, cancer, etc., leaving you in a position worse than before. [ Read:  9 Habits of Happy Couples ( They Never Talk About) ]

Stress is a part of everyone’s life but how you perceive it and deal with it depends on your attitude towards life, negative or positive thought process, past experiences, reaction to situations, genetics, confidence, emotions, environment, etc. The best way to deal with bad stress is to be positive and think of it as a challenge that will pass through, helping you shine and grow instead of self loathing and making yourself vulnerable to it. [ Read:  14 Sweet and Cute Ways to Make Your Woman Happy ]

Here are some activities you can do to boost your body’s happy hormones and improve your resistance to stress:

  • A relaxing walk (especially outside) – We would suggest you for an early morning walk or an evening walk.
  • Being out in nature – This is one of the best stress buster. Being out in nature is simply splendid be it with friends or alone. Try it out yourself.
  • Getting moderate sunshine – It helps in absorption of Vitamin D, increase Serotonin, gives you a glowing skin, the benefits are endless.
  • Listening to relaxing music – Ahhh this one is my favorite. Listening to relaxing music really gives us a piece of mind when you actually stats relating to them and understanding their lyrics. [ Read: 7 Golden Rules For A Happy Life ]
  • Mindfulness practice and meditation – Make it a part of your daily routine.
  • Massage – May be once in a while is a good idea. It relaxes and rejuvenates the whole body. Nothing is better than a relaxing massage.
  • Deep breathing – Deep breathing helps in relaxation and is a good stress buster. Try doing it for just 10 minutes each day whenever you get time.
  • Laughing – Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. One of the best stress busters.
  • Snuggling a loved one or pet – People as well as pets love to cuddle and snuggle. This makes them happy 🙂 [ Read: 11 Rules to be Followed for a Happy Love ]
  • Yoga, gentle mobility, and/or slow stretching exercises – Highly recommended for a healthy life.
  • Gentle swimming or water immersion (such as a hot tub) – It helps in lowering the stress levels feel mentally refreshed.
  • Relaxing in a sauna – Saunas relax muscles and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joints. Saunas is said to be one of the best way to relieve stress.
  • Physical, non-competitive play
  • Moderate, occasional healthy soft drinks (1-2 drinks for men, and 1 for women) enjoyed slowly and mindfully.
  • Sipping on green tea- How many of you already do it?

You can also try reading some spiritual books that teach you to think positively and help you change your attitude towards negative situations in life. The Mantra is to believe that something good lies ahead for you and each day is your best day 🙂 [ Read:  18 Deep Reasons Why You Don’t Have Any Friends! ]

Written by: Rajesh Chalke