Do You Love Him, but You are Not Sure if He Really Loves You Back?

Do You Love Him, but You are Not Sure if He Really Loves You Back?

You love him a lot and you are still unsure about whether he loves you or not? Well, you need not wait to say him so, his activities and body language would clear up your confusion.

Do You Love Him, But You Are Not Sure If He Really Loves You Back

Do watch for the following things in him, if they match, you will get to know the truth.

  • How he looks at you:

The way he makes eye contact with you reveals a lot of things. If he really loves you then he would look straight into your eyes and talk. His eyes would not get deviated to somewhere else. It indicates that he is interested in your talks only and is not worried at the moment about anything else. You are at the top of his priority list. [ Check out: 25 Things Guys Do That Girls Actually #Love and Hate


  • Gets jealous when you talk of others:

That’s possibly the best sign.You may even play a prank and talk to him about any other male friend who impresses you, if he gets jealous then he would interrupt immediately. He would cross your points or simply start talking about something else. Do give it a try.

  • Always ready to accompany you:

Is he always ready to join you whenever you want then this indicates that he like to be in your company. He would never find excuses to turn you down, he is always available. It is definitely a very good sign which reflects the love that he too holds for you in his heart. [ Also read: The 6 Things Guys #Love Most About Women ]

  • Laughs at your silliest jokes:

No matter how poor your joke was, he would definitely laugh at it. This proves that he wants to participate in your every talk. He doesn’t care about the logic, what he wants is laugh with you. This is a very positive sign for you.

  • Notice at his body language when he talks:

Stammering, brushing his hair, tilting his head when you speak, this all are signs which indicates that he is very much interested in you and probably loves you secretly. Sometimes you will hear that he is repeating certain words but is unaware of, it means that he is nervous talking to you and wants to be his best so is concerned a lot about how he presents himself.

  • Would wait for you to communicate:

Does he say that he was waiting for your call, when you ring him up at night? You would even often get to hear from him that he was discussing about you or was thinking as how to solve your problem. This is a very good sign, for it indicates that he thinks about you. The more he thinks about you, the more chances are that he is in love with you.

  • Takes your advice for small things:

Does he always consider for your advice on small things like what to wear for the party? Then it is a very positive sign. He likely does that because he respects your point of view for him. Your decision matters a lot to him.

  • Would like to know about you from your friends:

Often your friends would inform you that he was asking about you, or was inquiring about how you are today. From this you can be very sure , that he loves you.

  • Often gifts you romantic things:

Do notice how frequently he would gift something or the other and also notice the type of gifts that he gives. They would mostly be something very romantic. Like the good old dancing couple. You may also be surprised that he gifts the things that you personally love the most. His every action speaks a lot of things.

  • Never lets you spend money:

This is a very important factor to notice at. He would never let you spend a single penny, when you are with him.  That is because he cares about you. If it wasn’t love then sometimes he would allow you to pay too.

  • Remembers every important event of your life:

Forgot when you bought your phone, or when your brother’s birthday is? Do ask him he would have the answer. This shows how well he is aware about the world that includes you. He would often remind you to wish happy birthday to someone very close. You can forget, but he cannot.

  • Speaks out every little thing:

Does he always shares something by saying that he is telling the thing only to you, or he would tell no one else expect you, then that is a very good thing. This shows the faith and trust that he has on you and that too more than anything else.

  • Talk about introducing you to his family:

Now what can a girl even expect more? This is absolute love. He wants you to get introduced to his personal life and world. [ Read here: 10 Qualities Of A Real Man In Relationship ]

So after reading these did you just realize that he too loves you? let us know.