Do You Like A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend?

Do You Like A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend?

Do You Like A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend?

It’s very easy to catch feeling for a person and what is easier than that is to catch feelings for a wrong person. Nobody has control over those larger than life emotions you start developing for others.  Growing affection towards a girl who is already in a relationship, is most certainly one of the feelings you should keep locked somewhere inside of you because it is not only going to create problems for you but will also disturb the girl’s peace of mind. [ Read: Can A Girl Ask A Guy Out Before He Asks Her Out? ]

If the thoughts of that girl who is going to celebrate her one year anniversary in a week are constantly haunting your mind and have been keeping you awake at night since a week then you should definitely check out these quick points mentioned below to know your exact state of mind.

  1. Wanting her to give more attention to you than anyone else

If you like a girl and that girl is already dating someone, it’s really foolish of you to expect her to give you all the time in the world. Calling her when her phone is busy at midnight and hoping that she would instantly take your call are just signs that you are trying to intrude in her life even after knowing that she is emotionally and physically committed to someone else. [ Read: 10 Signs to Know if You’re Dating a Girl Worth Keeping ]

  1. Constantly advising her to dump the boyfriend

Never missing out a chance on negatively filling her ears against her boyfriend?  Always grasping an opportunities to plot against him? Never helping her to sort things out with her boyfriend after a silly fight? I hope you know where we are going with this.  Great, so now that you do you should confirm yourself right away you have fallen for this girl who already has a love partner in life and this is not a very good situation. Just informing please don’t get offended, thanks.

  1. Digging old dirty stories about the boyfriend to use as a proof

Has your life taken the dramatic turn where everything you do you has extreme filminess in it? Are you running around town to find out that one dirty secret about her boyfriend which would break them apart in no time? If that’s the case then this girl has seriously done some major damage to your brains and you have become one of those actors from the movies who falls for the girl with a boyfriend and spends all his life chasing her. [ Read: A Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You… Now What?! ]

  1. Always trying to be a better version of her boyfriend

If you are always and when I say always I mean every freaking time, trying to become someone who you really aren’t just because that’s how you think her partner behaves with her then its crystal clear that you are crushing over that girl who you saw lunching with ‘the boyfriend’ on a sat night.

  1. Trying to develop an emotional connection with her

This might not sounds new to you. You must have already tried doing this and if you have then you are a mastermind. Every girls need that one person who she can share her emotions with and reach out for help in times of misery. You want to become that person for her, right? You are clearly trying to take her boyfriend’s place. This is not because she is your friend and you want to become special to her. It’s simply because you want her in your life even after knowing that she belongs to someone else. [ Read: 10 Subtle Cues a Girl Gives If She Wants You to Make the First Move ]

  1. Meeting her as often as you can

Are you always looking forward to meet her after work and get really upset if he cancels because suddenly her boyfriend made dinner plans?  Do you make more than necessary plans with her so that she gets no time to meet other people and specially her boyfriend? Do you casually threaten her time to time to break the friendship if she doesn’t turn up? And she does because she doesn’t want to lose a friend but you obviously want a more than friend relationship with her. If you sit back and try to ask these questions to yourself and the answers to these questions result in a yes then buck up you have a fight to win with the girl’s boyfriend tonight. [ Read: 15 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew about Girls ]

Love has no value if it is borrowed, forced or stolen. These feeling come naturally to you and a mature person is who instantly stops his attraction if he finds out it is for a person who is already happy with someone else. If you are strong enough and your soul deals with heartbreaks pretty easily then you might want to try and get the girl to like you too because someone wise and not at all famous has said “love is like a war, easy to start, hard to end and impossible to find”.  So choose to let it go like a wise man or go crazy and steal her way from him.