Do You Like a Friend’s Girlfriend?

Do You Like a Friend’s Girlfriend?

Do You Like a Friend’s Girlfriend?

When you are single and on a lookout for love you tend to easily fall for the very first person who treats you pleasantly. Falling in love is a very interesting phase. It doesn’t really go according to your plans and that’s the beauty about the whole concept. ‘Happily even after’ is a scenario mostly seen in the movies. Real life love is a pure struggle and at times you end up falling for people you shouldn’t have even thought about. Such one example is crushing over your buddy’s girlfriend. Has it happened to you?  [ Read: A Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You… Now What?! ]

So if you aren’t sure about your heart being distract or not, don’t worry, here we provide you with those signs:

  1. Excessive bonding with her

Are you planning to bail out on the plan your friends created for the weekend because she wants to see a movie? Then yes, you are crushing over her badly because she has started to top your favorite people list and that’s not a very good sign. If you like her company so much that you are ready to mold your plans then you know what this is.  Wanting to spend all your free time with her, creating time from your busy schedule only because you can’t afford to not see her are some major signs that shows she makes you go on your knees.  [ Read: 9 Firm Steps to Get Over an Ex Girlfriend in No Time! ]

  1. Continuously calling and texting her

 Only boyfriends have the right to know what his girl has been doing throughout the day and if you are expecting that kind of thing from her then the story here is a little messed up. Constantly calling her and asking for the tiniest details shows how much you want to be with her and the graph of your liking has touched its highest peak. If you are wanting to keep in touch with her and expecting her to do the same thing, then I think you need to say it out loud that you like your friends girlfriend.

  1. Taking her tiniest things into consideration

Worried because she is upset over losing her favorite earrings at the trail room? Planning on buying her some cute cupcakes so that she feels a little better? You need to stop right here. Do you hear yourself? You are falling, walking, drowning in love with the woman you are supposed to stay away from. Eyeing on your homies girl is one thing you wouldn’t want to do to your friend and if you are planning to do something like that then remember you are putting the bro code in the deepest darkest dirt pit. [ Read: She Wrote a Letter to Her Ex-Husband’s New Girlfriend ]

  1. Getting jealous seeing her with other men

Secretly wishing that the plan she made to chill with the boys gets cancelled is one big sign that you don’t want to share her with anybody and that obviously means that you want her badly. Getting extremely mad seeing her with her own boyfriend? Sorry to inform you but the future has some great messed up things planned for you. This was the last straw. If the stage where all evil in you gets charged up seeing the girl with her own man has arrived then its time you gulp in the fact that you have fallen for the wrong girl and start to sort out the mess as soon.

  1. Always thinking about her

Normal guys would probably play ball with their buddies or maybe go out for a quick drink to pass time. What are you doing? Sitting in your room and thinking about her and how she looks beautiful in that red dress she loves to wear? You have officially lost all sense of wrong and right and have starting to like (prefers using the word love 😛 ) that girl. You need to calm down and cook up a great idea on how you would go about telling or rather confessing this to the girl and most importantly her boyfriend.  [ Read: 13 Clingy Girlfriend Traits You Must Avoid ]

  1. Planning future with her

When you wake up from a dream and you realize how that dream consisted of your friend’s girlfriend then here you go, you just gave yourself another sign that you have started to have the mushy feelings for her. If by any chance you have ended up thinking that you are her would make the cutest babies in the world then you already know what I am going to say next. You should drop all those thoughts immediately where you planned of introducing her to your mom. I mean abort plan right now. Why? Because she has already met her boyfriend’s mother and its going very well.  [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Husband ]

Feeling of love and liking are very tricky. One needs to have full control over their emotions to not mess up their life and create unnecessary problems for them. Falling for a girl and wanted to be truly dedicated to her is the best thing you could do for someone but what ones needs to understand is that creating your own love story by ruining someone else’s is never going to make you happy and sure as hell you wouldn’t want to lose your best friend from over the years above a girl whom you have recently started to like.