Do You Boss Over Your Man?

Do You Boss Over Your Man?

Do You Boss Over Your Man?

Are you the one who is always deciding who shall run the errands around the house?  Are you always disappointed in your man for not completing the chores you allotted him over the week off?  Then you my friend, are bossing over your man a little too much than usual. Our women oriented society has vastly taken over the idea of living in a ‘man’s world’ and the ladies are certainly wearing the pants in the relationship. [ Read: 12 Tips to Keep in Mind While Dating Your Boss ]

If you experience these signs on a regular basis you will have to calm yourself down a notch because you are sucking the life out of the poor guy.

  1. Always complaining

You are never fully happy with him. You always think he could have done better. No amount of effort that he makes is good enough for you and this definitely makes you angry.  The site of giving him a tiny kiss on the cheeks or hugging him tight because he didn’t forget to submit the electricity bill on time this month, is very rare because nothing he does will ever make you happy because you always think if you were to do the same thing instead of him you would have done it perfect. [ Read: 13 Things That Emasculates Your Man ]

  1. Pushing him a little too hard

You are always mad at him because he didn’t buy grocery while coming back from work and he mostly misses out on picking the children up from school during his lunch time. You need to understand that he is a human being too. Humans err, he has a life outside the family. If you think he is going to work his ass off at the office and help you cook the chicken stew you are planning to prepare at dinnertime then you are expecting too much out of him.  Give him some rest, he will help when he finds time. Always pushing your man to offer more than needed help is going to leave him frustrated and caged. And believe me this won’t help you nor the relationship.

  1. Never asks for advice

You always think that he sucks at giving advice? There you go, you just cleared your own dilemma. If you are always in the mind-set where you prefer going to a third person for advice rather than consulting it with your partner you obviously think he is pretty dumb to cover your problems and you are man enough to solve your own issues. If you are not working as a team and you always prefer keeping him a step down when it comes to taking major decisions you are certainly bossing over him. [ Read: 10 Clear Signs Your Man is Worth Marrying ]

  1. Never considers if he offers advice

Any just by fluke if you plan to hear him out on the cool ideas he has for the house renovation plans, you are obviously not going to consider it. You just listen to him so that he feels important once in a while. You can’t keep your man neglected all the time, can you? If you are doing this then you might want to consider a barter system and get the puppy home in exchange of your partner because he is not really getting the respect that he deserves around the house.

  1. Raising voice at him

How often do you guys fight on silly things and you end up shouting at him followed by kicking him out of the house? If this happens quite often then you really have things to worry about. If you are ill-treating your partner, calling him names and attacking his self-respect and you get a sense of relief doing it then you are being a heartless bossy girlfriend. No man likes to be disrespected. If you always degrade him and make him feel useless then he is going to leave you in no time so this cool cat attitude is going to land you nowhere, trust me. [ Read: 14 Sweet and Cute Ways to Make Your Woman Happy ]

  1. Putting restrictions on him.

He doesn’t go out before informing you, he calls off all weekend plans with the boys because you hate his friends, he never goes out without you because maybe  (read: definitely) you’ll get mad at him and wouldn’t take a minute to give him a piece of your mind. If you are restricting him to live his life the way he wants to and there is no scope of personal space and interest in his life then surely this dominant nature is killing him a little every day. Treating your man like a bot toy and expecting him to do things as you please most certainly shows the ‘50 shades of bossy-ness’ in you. [ Read: 9 Extremely Romantic Love Sayings That You should Say To Your Love ]

Relationships are a true gift. It is built with the inputs incorporated by both the partners and if you are riding solo and you are liking it then I think the problem is you not him.  Being bossy is one thing and shattering your partner’s self-esteem is a different story altogether. If he lets you take charge then don’t misuse the opportunity in fact sit back, call of the duties for a day and let him take over. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing your man boss around for a while and enjoy it like he owns it.