Do You Believe In Love Or Have You Given Up On It?

Do You Believe In Love Or Have You Given Up On It

Do You Believe In Love Or Have You Given Up On It?

Love is a very organic and basic emotion that we all go through. As humans, we are conditioned to love others and expect love from them. Those who say they do not believe in love are in denial and do not want to confess their feelings for some reason. However, there are some people who stop believing in love because of some bad experiences with relationships in the past. Their bitter experience makes them cynical about love. They will that if they get in to a relationship; they will end up breaking their heart again. [ Read: Are You in Love with a Friend? ]

There are a few hopeless romantics who have grown up reading books and watching romantic movies and dream of having their perfect love stories just like the movies. They dream of doing all the things, which they have seen in movies or read about in books, with their partners. They want to experience the perfect relationship. Some of these people go through several relationships before finding that one person whom they decide to spend their rest of the lives with. Then, there are some who prefer saving themselves for that one special person who would make their world go round. We must feel empowered as individuals and should not be dependent on somebody else. But, the fact is that as human beings we have certain emotional needs which can only be fulfilled by a partner. [ Read: Find out are You in Love with Two People? ]

These days, most young people get in and out of a relationship pretty quickly. Yes, not every treats a relationship casually but there are several others who fail to give it the respect it deserves. In today’s times, everybody is busy with their hands full with multiple things. In such a scenario feelings and emotions have taken a backseat for many. There are times when one of the people is serious about the relationship while the other one is not. When the relationship comes to an end, one of them feels hurt while the other person walks out of it without any guilt or remorse. In a relationship, both the individuals should share the same feelings and should be equally passionate about each other. They must be driven towards building the relationship and making it work. They must be willing to make compromises for the benefit of the relationship. If you are determined towards making it work, then it will work. [ Read: Falling In Love with a Married Man ]

A personal goal clashing with relationship goals is a bad thing. It gives rise to conflicts between two people and brings the relationship to an end. There must be several things you have planned for yourself. Career goals, travel plans and several other things feature on your check list and you are willing to achieve them all. After getting in to a relationship, your life changes. For the better, of course. But then, there are several sacrifices you have to make to hold on to it and keep it going. If you give priority to your personal goals over your relationship duties, then it is better that you break out of it in the initial stage without taking it further and breaking your partner’s heart in the process. [ Read: Compatibility in Love and Relationships ]

A failed relationship can make people very insecure and defensive. They shield themselves from the rest of the world and feel the urge to protect them from anything that could hurt them. The more number of bad relationships you through, the more you lose faith in love. You think a hundred times before trusting anybody again. You find it difficult to confide your feelings in other and stay in your own space. You might have got in to the relationship with a lot of hope and positivity but the failure of it has caused some serious damage to your faith and belief system. Even when you have feelings for someone, you do not let them know fearing that getting in to a relationship again would result in you being hurt again. You shut the doors of your heart and do not let anybody come close to you. [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]

We all go through several bad experiences in life. We should consider them as learning experiences and learn something from every experience. However, these experiences are meant to make us stronger. Do not get disheartened and disappointed by failure. So what if you have failed in love a few times? Maybe you will find true love the next time around. Life is a long journey and it serves you with many opportunities. You might fall and stumble along the way but eventually you will reach your destination. If you are feeling extremely cynical about love, then take some time and let yourself get over this phase. Once you get out of this phase, you will star thing positively again and probably give love another chance. [ Read: 9 Quotes about Being in Love with Your Best Friend ]

Love is a very beautiful emotion which we must experience at least once in our lifetime. Do not miss the opportunity to tell someone how much you love them. If you lose them once, you could end up losing them forever. Bad experiences will happen but you need to get over them and start afresh. Remember, there are more god people than bad people in this world. Life is too short to think and mull over the things that did not work out. You must keep looking for love until you find it. Follow your heart; it will lead you to the right direction.