Do Opposites Attract or Push Each Other Away?

Do Opposites Attract or Push Each Other Away?

Do Opposites Attract or Push Each Other Away?

Most of us get attracted to people are completely different from us. There are certain qualities or a trait that they have which we do not possess and that’s what attracts us towards them.  We hope to spend time with them and imbibe those qualities. If you are bad it expressing yourself, you are likely to get attracted someone who is an extrovert. The way the person expresses himself/herself draws you towards him/her.  [ Read: 11 Things That Make a Women Attractive to Man ]

Though this theory of attraction works for a lot of people, it does not quite work for many. While some people get \excited at the thought of meeting a person completely different from, for some it nothing less than a nightmare. They dread this idea of meeting an opposite and having to spend time with them. These people find it comforting to meet people who would be similar to them. Such people look for companionship in people who are similar to them. They prefer dating people whom they share a lot in common with. They find it difficult to talk to people who are complete opposites of them. It is true that the more you have in common, the more likely you are meant to have a good time with that person. When you go to a party and amidst the large crowd you come across that one person who you feel is similar to you, you feel happy. Bumping into someone whom you share something in common with can impart a sense of belongingness in you. The person might be a stranger but you s/he comes across as a friend. You will feel comfortable and secure in their presence. They, too, will soon realize that both of you are similar as human beings and would find it easier to place their trust in you. A lot of people find it nerve-wracking to be in the company of a person whom they do not connect with. They feel like running away and wish to meet someone who would be a reflection of their own personality.  [ Read: 11 Things that Make a Man Attractive to Women ]

However, sometimes the similarity factor leads to boredom as you find yourself dong the same things and meeting the same kind of people you used to when you were single. Your tastes remain the same and you do not explore anything new. You do not go through any different experiences or gain anything from spending time with your partner. People who want to remain in their comfort zone and want to meet like-minded people should have no problem with it. But for those looking for some adventure in life or add some new colours to it, they are bound to get attracted to opposites.  [ Read: 10 Signs of Attraction in the First Conversation ]

Dating someone who is completely opposite you in every aspect has its pros and cons. You get to know about many things and explore a part of life you thought did not exist. They will take you in to their world and you will introduce them to yours. Both of you will benefit in equal measures from this give and take. You will inculcate many of their habits and characteristics and vice-versa. The relationship will also help you being more accepting of different people and cultures. In the past, you might have come across a few instances in which you had difficulties in getting along with a person, even for a short duration, if you both had nothing in common. After being in a relationship with someone who is a completely different person than you, you will get used to dealing with people with different temperaments and attitudes. You will understand that every individual is different and unique in his own way and must be respected for what he is. With a bit of understanding and compromises, two people can live happily without any hassles.   [ Read: 10 Attractive Things That Men Do Without Knowing About It ]

The problem arises when you realize that both of you are too different to be in a relationship. If two people have major ideological differences or completely different thoughts on important issues, then it is bound to drive a wedge between them. Disagreeing on petty issues is fine but when you start arguing about things which are integral to both of you, then it can cause serious damage to your relationship. We get attracted to someone with a different perspective about life than ours thinking that they could help us widening our thought process. We think of positive outcomes when two very different people come together. However, if you have certain strong beliefs which you stand by and your partner tries to challenge those beliefs and urge you to adapt to their mind-set, then it becomes a serious problem. Av relationship should help you grow as an individual. /it should not force you to change yourself. Both of you should respect each other while holding on to your individual identities. If your intent was to change your partner, then why did you get in the relationship in the first place?  [ Read: Can Long Distance Love Survive the Distance? ]

Do opposites attract or push each other way? Well, that is subjective and works differently for different people. The phrase ‘opposites attract’ works for some people and does not work for a few. The choice of your partner completely depends on the individual’s preferences. A person who seeks comfort in the familiar would never like to date a person who is starkly different from him. Similarly, a person who is bored of meeting like-minded people would jump excitedly this idea.