Do Not Say these 10 Things to a Girl on Her Periods


Do Not Say these 10 Things to a Girl on Her Periods

Every woman feels the need to stop menstrual cycle bleeding, especially when her periods are near. She has to go through stomach pain, cramps, depression and sometimes vomiting, while on her periods. Your girl also goes through the same problem every month, and she is already depressed about the same. To make your life easier and help you not to be a victim to the mood swings to your girl, we bring to you 10 things you should not say to your girl while she is on her menstrual cycle.

  1. Are you on your Periods? Are you feeling good?


Damn! A big NO! Your girl will get more irritated with that question, and more frustrated if you ask her each and every time. She is already frustrated because of the period cramps and then when you ask her this question, the answer that might come out would be “Can’t you see?”

  1. You have been sleeping the whole day; let’s go on a long drive

insomnia with clock in the night. woman can not sleep.

Are you kidding me? I would prefer lying down on the couch the entire day and just sleep for the upcoming days. Some girls feel like sleeping the entire day during this time, just let them do it.

  1. Sweetheart! I think you forgot to add some spices while cooking…


Guys, just be happy that there is some home cooked food in your plate, if given a chance your girl may just order a pizza or order you to cook for the next few days.

  1. Are you sure you would finish everything?

Chill! If she has ordered it, she will finish her plate. There are times when girls go on binge eating and most of the time it is during their menstrual cycle.

  1. It’s a hot day, let’s go swimming

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What? Are you kidding? Swimming, rain walks, rain dance or even out for a beach ride is a big NO during periods.

  1. You look fat today



Guy you are dead the next moment. Your girl is already experiencing heavy periods and is in pain and then you are telling her to reduce weight or that her tummy looks bloated?

  1. Please take some medicine


Oh yes! And what if it poses serious health problems later?

  1. Do some Yoga, you might feel better


Seriously! Exercise while she is fighting with her period symptoms?

  1. Oh Thank God! I thought you might be pregnant


Dude what? Please hold your tongue before saying it. Your girl might be already tensed if she is facing irregular periods.

  1. Since you are on your Periods, I will do the Puja today


Why? Periods is just a regular biological cycle. If she does the Puja every day, let her do it.

So, guys please avoid saying these 10 things to your girl if she is on her Periods.

P.S.: Try to keep a note of your girls “that time of the month” so that you are saved from the mood drifts she experiences and you also do not end up irritating her.