Different Types of Love You Should Have


Different Types of Love You Should Have

Love in a relationship is not restricted to a single word with a fixed meaning. For a relationship to be long lasting and joyful, there needs to be different kinds of love in it.

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Physical Love

You should feel comfortable when in each other’s presence. There should be an intimate closeness. You should be able to feel each others touch, it should give you warmth and comfort. Presence, touch and closeness has their own importance for a relationship to be long lasting and smooth running.

Emotional Love

You should be able to support and understand each other emotionally, not all feelings could be explained through words, to know some you should be emotionally connected. You should understand their wants and needs. Feeling seen is a must in any relationship.

Spiritual Love

You must match each others energy, you should be able to understand it at least if you can’t match it. There should be chemistry between you both and that chemistry should be meaningful. Feel each others energy and feed it. Don’t let it stay dormant nor overflow, have control over it but don’t try to contaminate it.

Mental Love

Connect with them mentally before trying to connect physically, understand each others thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes and act accordingly. Find each others strengths and make it grow, find each others weakness but do not judge them for it. Only by connecting mentally you can achieve these.

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These are four of the many kinds of love a relationship should be based on for it to be a happy place with mutual trust, respect, loyalty, comfort, confidence, privacy, individual space and lot more. All these are interlinked with one another that lacking one would cause the rest to crumble. Invest in a relationship where all these are possible, anything else would be a lifelong adjustment, struggles and misery where you are not valued for the person you are.