Different Types of Love Everyone Experience in Life

Different Types of Love Everyone Experiences in Life

Those Adam and Eve were born in the garden of Love, flourished with nature and rejuvenated the world. Love is what each person seeks in this temporary world, which is so harsh and cruel. Even in the greatest of your life’s catastrophe, your love shines like a ray of hope. It gives you the strength to survive any adverse situation that comes up in front of you. The world we live in, so full of diversities, differences, and various ideologies is woven in one thread by love. Love is a healer, a pacifier and a source of wisdom and strength for anyone who falls in love and experiences its blissful touch. Once in #love, it seems you can conquer the world with all the happiness and positivity it renders you with.  [Consider reading: Why Everybody Should #Love Their Parents ]

Different Types Of Love Everyone Experience in Life

Here we would be stating all the forms of love one must have experienced in his/her life.

  1. The love of the God:

Who can really be here and read this without him, the one who created us. He is the one who brought us out from our mother’s womb and gave us all what we have today. He nourished us with our personal bodily ability to hear, sense, see, smell, eat and grow not only with our physique but also with our intelligence and matureness. He also provided us with the food, clothing, shelter, all the other luxuries that we have come to think of as needs and most importantly, he himself rendered us with the other forms of #love and companionship that we experiences today. No one can escape his #love, for you are here as a soul because he loves you!  [ Read here: A Letter from A Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father ]

  1. The love of our parents:

These are the people who are the sole reason of your existence on this earth. Without them, you cannot survive in this harsh world. They have been your protectors, your guardians, first friends, first teacher and greatest support in this world. Your parents’ #love is not only your greatest strength but is also your strongest and most trustworthy source of inspiration and happiness. Right from your childhood till the time you have their magical presence in your life, they bless you with unconditional and immense #love which you will not get from anyone else in your life. No one, absolutely no one can replace parents and their love in someone’s life on this earth.

  1. The love of your grandparents:

Yes you are the greatest fruit of their life’s toil. You are their greatest asset and wealth. Your grandparents will love you more than your parents do. People who have grandparents know it all. The evening walks with your grandpa, the stories your grandmother has told you at night, all those childhood games that you have played with them and their gracious and heartfelt blessings comprise of the most beautiful memories of your life; An asset that you will pass on to your grandchildren.  [ Read here: 10 Ways To Be Best Wife ]

  1. The love of your siblings:

Oh yes! You have siblings; then a lot of problems in your life will not even try and come close to you. Why? Because you have your protectors in front of you. Your siblings are your best friends (in most cases I guess), and the people in whom you confide. You share everything with them, not that anything can be kept hidden from them even after making efforts. They will save you from your parent’s anger and will share with you their favorite ice cream and will become your shoulder to cry on in the greatest perils of life. Ah! Having siblings are one the greatest gifts of life, truly!

  1. The love of your friends:

Nothing can be equivalent to the unconventional, true and infinite love that your friends give to you. Every blood relation is attached to you by birth but your friends are the ones you chose on your own and this makes it the most different and also the best aspect of this bond. Your friends will #love you and will never fail to prove this to you. Be it completing your assignment, helping you to get your crush’s phone number or standing with you in every adverse condition, they will never bereave you. It is their #love which helps you to recognize and acknowledge other forms of love that you experiences in your life.  [ Read: 20 ways to become a better sister ]

  1. The love of that special ‘someone’:

And there is this feeling, of being wounded by the magical arrow of Lord Cupid. There is that time when your nights are not spent sleeping but by thinking of someone. When every thought ends with ‘their’ mention. When all the roads lead to one destination. And yes, then you realize it is LOVE. When the world seems a happier place, when everything reminds you of your charming lover, you know you are in #love. Trust me, it is one of the best feelings in one’s life, something worth experiencing, a ‘fall’ that must be made!

  1. The love of your relatives:

Your blood -relatives are the people who definitely #love you but you may not be aware of it. They will analyse you critically, may make some harsh remarks and give constant advice on your life’s decisions, but they do love you a lot and would not want to suffer through hardships in life.  All their experiences in life can prove to be a great guide for you!  [  Read: 6 Ways To Make Your Parents Proud Of You ]

  1. The love of neighbors:

Along with your parents, your neighbors are the people who have seen you growing up and strong in life since your no teethes days. They will be the first people to provide you with help in any situation and time of crisis. The #love they bear for you is displayed in their blessings and their benevolent help that they deliver whenever required.

  1. The love of your roommates:

In a different place, away from your family, your roommates are the people whom you stay with. They are not just friends for you but are a second family who will be ready to help you in every position and situation.  [ Read: A Heartfelt Message For The Best Wife From Her Husband ]

  1. The love of your colleagues:

The people you work with also develop affection and #love towards you. They will be the first ones to help when a problem crops up in your professional life. Their #love is not only your need but also a great support system for you in your work place.

  1. The love of your teachers:

Remember those past days? When your school was your second home? All your care and responsibility is entrusted on the teacher who teaches you. Teachers shape you for your life. They teach all the values, impart all knowledge you need for a good life and brighten your future. The #love you get from them is one that can never be forgotten and paid back.  [ Read: Those Memories Were Great When My Mind Took Me To School Days ]

Hence, stating all the forms of love in one’s life makes it clear that the world itself is run by the essence of love. Remember God himself created you out of his love so any difficulty or dispute can be sorted out with this tactic of ‘love’!