The Different Shades Of Mother-in-law : 6 Types


The Different Shades Of Mother-in-law : 6 Types

“Mother-in-law” doesn’t the name sounds like something heavy, something which has so many shades, something which makes us sit straight and hold our breath for a moment?? Well, exceptions are not examples but, in this case, even the exceptions will be considered one of the 12 types. So, let us begin with the types of MIL(Mother-in-law) present in our society and you are free to associate your mommy-in-law with the mentioned types.

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The Different Shades Of Mother-in-law : 6 Types

1/ “Look at my little son, he looks so thin.I bet you have not been feeding him properly”

She is the typical “I know my son better than you”. She still feels her son is a baby and deserves her attention all the time. Even the fact that he is married now doesn’t seem to change her mind. To her, he is a 1-year-old kid who needs to be looked after constantly. Starting from what he will wear to what he will drink, how he will sleep or how shall he pose in front of the camera, they decide every detail.

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2/ The jealous type

Oh god! Dealing with them is really impossible as they are not only jealous but also hypothetically conservative. They have this concept that her son is only her’s and he has to listen only to her. No matter how good daughter-in-law you are, to her, you are the reason for which her son got separated from her. In this case, she will try anything to get her son back, she can even bitch about you. And if you have been planning your honeymoon lately, be ready to cancel the tickets as she can fall ill or even have a heart attack (false) all of a sudden.

3/ The super-conservative types

As I mentioned in my previous point, the combination of these two can be really deadly. You have to be really smart to deal with such cases. Especially the conservative ones. Well according to her, males are the one’s who are there to earn the bread and the ladies of the house has to cook and look after the household. They can’t tolerate their daughter-in-law working even after marriage, they believe the work you do has no importance and zero values. Tough one to deal with!

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4/ The OCD types

Oops! You have all your clothes loitered around?? Does your bathroom floor looks really wet or is not properly organised?? Well, she would go crazy on you for having such a mess around. She can even keep aside her luggage and engage herself in cleaning the mess. Pretty awkward but you have to deal with her only by keeping your house clean and tidy. There shouldn’t be a pinch of dust around.

5/ The super nosey one

“Why you are spending so much in buying a bottle of jam?”

“What! You are not ready for a child?? But why?? What is the problem?”

“Oh! Do you really feel you need to spend so much on that dress??”

Pheww. She has her almost on everything you do. Cause according to her, her son has to work really hard to earn that amount you spend and also, the fact that you are too contributing the equal amount is not quite easy for her to digest. And also, according to her, you are not running the house properly.

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6/ The one who still doesn’t know your name

Even after a year of marriage, your mom-in-law cannot actually spell your name correctly. Is this done willfully or is it simply she has some real case of amnesia??  This is just another shade which has no color or reason behind.

The Different Shades Of Mother-in-law : 6 Types

Situations become really impossible if one has to deal with so many shades and sides. But, never give up your effort in trying to establish a cordial relationship with your mother-in-law. As, love has its own beautiful shades and powers, which can even conquer the impossible. And if still, they are reluctant and not really ready to adjust, don’t try to go beyond your self-esteem.