What is the difference between Romantic Love and Sexual Desires


What is the difference between Romantic Love and Sexual Desires

Which is more important for you Romantic Love or Sexual Gratification? Is there any difference between the two? What is more precious to you.? Let’s trace the basic difference romantic love or sexual desires. The answer is so obvious to the above question. Any person who will be sensible enough would say that love full of romance is best than the one with sexual gratification. Sexual desires are where the two people want to be together to fulfill their sexual needs. Such a relationship does not last long. This is because Loving someone does not mean to satiate their physical needs. It simply mean to love people for who they are. Let’s explore more on this. Keep Reading and Keep Exploring.

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What is the difference between Romantic Love and Sexual Desires -likelovequotes

Romantic Love OR Sexual Desires?

Without a doubt there is a vast difference the two.One is driven by true love the other is driven by lust. Love is a feeling of affection and care for someone. Lust is the feeling of strong sexual gratification. It is always better to fall for someone who loves you and not the one who just shows interest in you to satiate his sexual needs. There are many who will show extreme interest in you and make you feel special just to sleep with you.

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The word ‘Romantic’ in Romantic Love may make you think that this too mean the same. You may think it too is all about the sexual urges. No, doubt there is some physical attraction between the two. But it is not completely about sexual desires. Romantic Love can be the cute little gestures we do for one another. It is not always about the bedroom romance. It is about making the other understand that he/she is more important to you than anything else. Their time, their presence is more precious than any expensive gift.

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On the other hand Sexual Desires mean when we know it is not love which is attracting us towards the other. It is the physical attraction which is attracting us towards the person. This type of love is temporary, there is nothing permanent in this. It is pure lust. The main objective is to satiate their physical needs and once they are satiated you you don’t really care for the person.

Thus, there is a thin line difference between the two. But the difference makes one Everlasting and the other which have no life. It is you who can make the perfect choice between the two.