Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained [ In A Short Story ]

Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained In a Short Story
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Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained In a Short Story

It has been four months since Nancy saw Jonathan, her husband. Jonathan was in the army and the nature of his job forced him to stay out of home, away from his family, for months. Nancy, being an understanding person, did not mind this and was very proud of the work Jonathan did as an army officer. [Read : 35 Great Quotes About Marriage]

Jonathan saw Nancy at a party where they were introduced by their common friends. Jonathan fell in love with Nancy instantly and started pursuing her. Although Nancy was not fascinated by Jonathan, she gave in to her pursuits and agreed to marry him. Nancy never had a boyfriend and she did not know what being in a relationship meant but her parents, friends and relatives insisted that Jonathan would be the right choice for her.

Jonathan had suggested Nancy to look for a paying guest who would be willing to stay in their home. It will give Nancy some company and make her feel secure. Nancy had talked about this to a couple of friends and asked them if they knew someone who would be willing to stay as a paying guest in their home. A couple of days back, Lily, one of Nancy’s friends, had told her that her cousin will be coming to town for a project and was looking for an accommodation. She told her that she would bring along her cousin when he arrives. [Read : 12 Delicate Signs of a Loveless Unhappy Marriage]

It was Saturday and Nancy woke up from her afternoon slumber as somebody rang the door bell. Nancy rubbed her eyes, stepped on the floor and approached the door. She opened the door to find Lily standing with a lanky, young man.

‘Hi Nancy!’, Lily said.

‘Hi’, the young man said softly.

‘Hello. Please come in,’ Nancy addressed the both of them.

 Nancy ushered them into the house and showed the place to Luke, Lily’s cousin.

‘Nice place,’ Luke remarked. [Read : Marriage versus Money]

‘Thank you,’ Nancy replied with a smile.

‘Do you live alone?’, Luke asked.

‘Well, my husband is in the army. He has been posted in another place. He visits once in a few months. So yes, I live here alone,’ she replied.

‘Oh. So, I saw the house and the room which you have offered me to stay in. I am fine with the rent you have quoted. When can I move in?’

‘Whenever you wish to.’

‘Very well then. I will bring along my stuff from Lily’s place.’

‘Sure,’ Nancy smiled. [Read : 6 Reasons Why Marriage Is So Important To Women]

‘I am glad it worked out. Oh! I forgot to mention. Luke is a musician. Hope he would not disturb you with his music sessions,’ Lily said and laughed.

‘You are a musician! Good to know that,’ Nancy said enthusiastically.

‘Well, yeah. Musician. That’s what they call me,’ Luke replied with a smile.

‘Looking forward to hear your music,’ Nancy said.

‘Sure,’ Luke replied.

After bidding goodbye to Nancy, both of them left off. [Read : Being Single Is Fun – 13 Reasons to Prove it!]

Nancy got busy preparing the dinner as Luke would be arriving in the night with his luggage. She also made sure that there is no mess in the room which he will be staying in.

Luke arrived at around 8 o’clock. Luke did not carry a lot of things with him. That one thing which caught Nancy’s attention was a guitar kept in a bag. Luke noticed her interest in the instrument and offered to show it to her.

‘I would love to see it. But, you must have dinner first. You must be hungry,’ Nancy said.

‘Yeah. Sort of,’ Luke said with a smile.

Nancy arranged the various delicacies she had prepared on the dining table.

‘The food smells really good. Can’t wait to eat,’ Luke said.

‘Hope you like it,’ Nancy said modestly. [Read : 9 Ways to Tell if Your Guy Wants to Marry You]

‘Why don’t you join me?’

‘No, thank you. I will eat after some time.’

‘But, why not? I insist. It will be boring to eat all alone.’

‘Umm…okay. I will bring another plate,’ Nancy said and went to the kitchen.

Lucy brought another plate and settled down on one of the chairs.

‘I noticed you were looking at the guitar intently. Are you fond of music?’, Luke asked. [Read : 9 Best Quotes to Send Your Wife]

‘Well, yes. I have always been fond of music. Always wanted to learn music but never got the opportunity for the same.’

‘Would you like to learn from me while I am here?’, Luke offered.

‘Would you teach me? Sure,’ she replied with a smile.

Luke was working on an album that was to be recorded in the city. After he would come back from the studio, he would give her music lessons.

Both of them enjoyed each other’s company and there was never a dull moment when they were together.

For the first time in years, Nancy felt alive. She started laughing and smiling a lot more. [Read : True Signs That You Are Commitment Phobic]

Nancy realized she did not write as many letters to Jonathan as she used to. She barely thought about him.

She thought for a while and then, the realization dawned upon her.

She was in love with Luke. He was the kind of man she always wanted.

Would Luke reciprocate her feelings? How will Jonathan react when he finds out? Most importantly, what will she do now? [Read : 5 Ways to Stay Loyal in a Relationship]

Finally, Nancy realized what it felt to be in love. Marriage was just a legal obligation enforced upon her. She respected Jonathan but did not love him. Love is what she felt for Luke.

She made a decision to confess her feelings to Luke and be honest with Jonathan. The outcome of the decision was not in her hands but she decided to give love a chance.