Difference between Love and Friendship

Difference between Love and Friendship

You are a guy and your best friend is a girl. Both of you have grown up together and are extremely fond of each other. You know what she likes and she is abreast of your mood at any hour of the day. Your friends have often enquired whether you two are in a love relationship, to which you have always replied in negative. Until now, that is. You have grown up and certain incomprehensible emotions have kicked in. You are confused about your feelings about your friend.

Difference between Love and Friendship

Here are some differences between love and friendship that might help you think straight.

  1. You are not insecure

If you are just friends him/her, you never really feel insecure about the bond that you share. Fears of your friend leaving you don’t creep in to your mind. Friendship is a very healthy, secure thing but love, with all the joys that it brings, makes one a tad insecure. If you think about your friend all the time, are overly concerned about him/her, it’s time to deal with the fact your friend has become something more than a friend. [ Check out: 8 Inexpensive Ways to Spend Time with Your Friends


  1. You have no issues with your friend dating someone

Your friend is going out on a date and you are as excited as him/her. You wish your friend all the luck with the date and even share some valuable tips and advice that could lead to an eventful date for him/her. If you are just about friends with the person, you will feel nothing but happiness. However, if you feel jealous or the slightest of discomfort at the thought of him/her going out on a date, you have begun to fall in love. [ Also read: 25 ways to create More Opportunity, Adventure & Friendship with Others ]

  1. You are not comfortable in your friends’ presence

If you start feeling slightly uncomfortable when your friend is around, you must introspect as to why you feel so. Up until recently, everything was fine and now you fill ill at ease in your friend’s presence and are conscious when you talk to him/her. It could be because the equations have started changing and you feel a different kind of emotion arising in your heart for your friend.

  1. You fight more often

You used to barely fight with each other and when you did you resolved it no time. Now, you fight with him/her more frequently. You shout at each other and stop talking for hours before one of you apologizes. Friends are more accommodating and understanding than lovers, you see.

  1. You don’t care how your friend behaves

You are not critical about your friend’s behavior and put up with all his/her crazy antics. If you are in love, you will be critical of your partner behavior and always try to dictate her behavior at different occasions. You would hate to see your partner make a fool of him/her.

  1. You are overprotective

You look out for a friend and there for him whenever s/he needs you but you are not overly protective about him/her. When you are in a relationship, you tend to get a little overprotective about your partner and frequently ask them about their whereabouts. After a while, your overprotective nature starts bothering your partner and they ask you to get a grip.

  1. You want to change him/her

You accept your friends the way they are and okay with the way they speak, the clothes they chose to wear and the food they eat. But, you are never quite happy with your partner. You are, always, trying to change something or the other about him. You disapprove of his fashion sense and are always criticizing about his table manners.

  1. You share the bills

If you are friends with a person, you slit up the bill whenever you go out for food, movies etc. Unless one of you is in a good mood and volunteers to pay, the expenses are shared equally. If you are in love with a person and go out on a date with him/her, you insist on paying the bill.

  1. You are not concerned about appearance

You land up at your friend’s place in pajamas, with unkempt hair. You don’t want to take the pain to come across presentable to your friend because it does not matter. When you are in love and want to impress that person, you take a lot of time to dress up and make sure that you look your best.

  1. You hang out with your friend’s partner

If you are okay with hanging out with your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend, you surely don’t have love in mind. Had you been in love, you would have felt uneasy just at the mention of your friend’s partner. Forget hanging out with him/her, you would not have liked to hear the person’s name. [ Read here: 10 Ways to Turn a Conversation into a Potential Friendship ]

There is a thin line between love and friendship. There are times when you might get confused between the two. In such times, you should introspect and try to analyze the differences between the two.