Phrases To Describe People Based On Their Zodiac Sign


Phrases To Describe People Based On Their Zodiac Sign

12 Zodiac signs and so many million people, using a single phrase to describe them is too difficult. But how cool it would be, to know these 12 Zodiac signs by words. I mean, we have known them through long articles and horoscope posts, but this is something really cool. Describing them in one word or phrases, or even certain idioms, sounds interesting also. So, let’s get inside and dig some cool, riveting, entertaining, words to describe these 5 members of the Zodiac Squad.

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Phrases To Describe People Based On Their Zodiac Sign

1/ Aquarius- (January 20- February 18)

The water bearer and the fixed sign, a lot of beautiful adjectives can be used to describe them, like-

  • Developing– As they are constantly developing themselves according to the situations
  • Authentic– Absolutely! They have their own original sense of style and everything is unique.
  • Unconventional– They have an unusual approach to life and its counterparts.
  • Passionate– To them art is life and they do it with  intense passion.
  • Nobody’s Fool– They can be fooled once but not more than that.
  • Wild and free spirited– The title says it all. Adventure is their drug.
  • Sensitive– They are like those delicate birds but strong enough to pick themselves up.
  • Vicious– They spell venom
  • Eccentric- They can make you laugh like a riot.(Only if you understand their jokes)
  • Moody- They have some really scary mood swings.


The ball is in your court.

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2/Pisces-(February 19 – March 20)

Our very own child, PISCES. The very generous and always having their heart on their sleeves. Like-

  • Solicitous- Very kind and compassionate people, they are ready to help you with whatever they have.
  • Eloquent and Poetic- Art is their life. Being creative is their religion.
  • Lazy Bugs– They are the onlookers of laziness. Procrastination is their most used word.
  • Escapade– Travelling is their first love with their second love (THEIR PARTNER)beside.
  • Demented– Especially in the case of emotional matters
  • OCD person– Everything has to be in order and properly placed.

Quotes to describe them-

Sarcasm and Cursing are their first language. (TOLD YOU! Confused soul at heart)

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3/Aries- (March 21- April 19)

Full of competition and an enthusiasm to conquer the world. Meet Aries, the first member of the Zodiac city.

  • Ambitious– The first alphabet to describe the first member of the Zodiac. Yes, they are an ambitious animal.
  • Encouraging- They have this attitude of being positive and keeping others motivated.
  • Punctual Babies– The prefer punctuality and admire those who respects the same.
  • Fearless – Always ready to take up challenges and also, faces them with unputdownable spirit.

Idioms or sayings-

If you want to make your dreams comes true, the first thing you have to do is wake up!

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4/Taurus- (April 20- May 20)

Known for their reliable behaviour, the earth sign, known for their overprotective nature.

  • Loyal
  • Tolerant– Yes, they have patience like no one else.
  • Committed
  • Uncertain to the extreme- They have this problem of trusting people and their insecurity level has no limits. (Beware of this)
  • Quick change- I won’t say moody, but their nature of changing themselves according to the situation is both boon and bane.

Quotes or sayings to describe

You can’t fool a Taurus, but they’ll let you think you’ve for the moment.

5/ Gemini- (May 21- June 20)

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini has the best communication skill and also the strangest unpredictable attitude.

  • Ambidextrous
  • Curious on learning new experiences and everything interesting
  • Doting and Caring– The care and affection they show towards their loved ones are  full of care and unselfish attitude.
  • Highly Strung– Full of complexity and very very nervous by nature.
  • Chatty– Loves to talk and talks sense. Especially on conflicted issues
  • Dual personality

Phrases to describe a Gemini

Understanding a Gemini won’t be an easy task. So try your best best luck and work hard.

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Phrases To Describe People Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Thus, these were some of the words you can use while talking to your Zodiac friend. Impress them with your powerful vocabulary skill and grab their attention directly. Cause a word can say a lot more than those long confusing sentences. So, play well with these words and if you’ve have more in your stock, feel free to share it with us. Use the hashtag #DescribeZodiac_likelovequotes and share your stock of uncommon words.