Why Depression Has Become A More Common Subject


Why Depression Has Become A More Common Subject

“After they started commenting and bullying me for my height, I kind of went into severe depression and tried to kill myself. I was not happy with my life, I started taking pills, injections and before I knew, I was into depression”. Welcome to the conjuring world of #DEPRESSION, where you will get served with everything negative.

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Why Depression Has Become A More Common Subject


And such cases kept popping up now and then.  It has become a household name and almost every single person is affected with this seriously insane disease called #DEPRESSION or THE SILENT KILLER. Some few decades back people were not aware of this thing called #depression, in fact, anybody who suffered from psychological issues was termed as INSANE or BEING POSSESSED. The treatment and approach towards #depression became more constructive with the onset of time and improvements in technology.

Why Depression Has Become A More Common Subject

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But, why people are still suffering from #depression so frequently. And the rates or the number of people affected each year is beyond anyone’s imagination. Have you ever thought that why depression is becoming such a common issue?? Especially with the college goers or the teenaged group.They start behaving helplessly just at the drop of a hat. But why?? Why this thing has taken a toll on our lives and in fact at such a rapid pace that, controlling it or fighting against it becomes really difficult. Their mental health condition has declined abnormally in the last 25years.


The increasing rate of emotional problems, especially among the girls and behavioral problems among the boys, have increased by 70%. A 15 years old is more likely to adopt behavioral problems such as lying, disobeying, stealing, and even blackmailing for petty issues. No matter how frank or open we have become, psychological problems are still considered as something to be kept hidden as far as possible. Families of the affected feel ashamed to consult a psychotherapist or a counselor, they feel keeping it hidden will help them to deal with it.

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And I have seen and witnessed one such case of #depression, where the boy died just because his parents decided to keep his problem under the roof and not consult an adviser. They were a rich happy family. The second case that I came across was from an upper middle-class family, where the daughter ran away from the house and she was never traced back. It’s been 4 years to it, and not a single information has been found on her.

Famous Cases Of Anxiety

Let’s take up the example of German Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz who crashed a plane of 150 people into the French Alps, was diagnosed with the severe case of anxiety. Famous celebrities like The Rock or Dwayne Rock Johnson also suffered from #depression or commonly known as anxiety in psychological terms. He was in his early twenties when he got trapped by anxiety.

Why Depression Has Become A More Common Subject

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Even our very famous Demi Lovato underwent a three-month long treatment for bipolar or the maniac depressive disorder.  There are many such celebrities who had this disease of anxiety, but they never stopped themselves from taking treatment. If people like them can overcome their fear of anxiety, and consult psychotherapist, then why can’t we do the same??

For Your Information

According to The American National Institute Of Mental Health, #depression or anxiety has its own common syndromes like-

  • Persisting sadness, emptiness or anger
  • Feelings of low self-esteem, demoralized, self-condemnation
  • Lack of interest in regular activities, hobbies, and other activities
  • Lack of energy, feeling of being dejected
  • Oversleeping
  • Loss of appetite or overeating
  • Feeling of killing themselves
  • Continuous headache, body aches.Read: Quirk It Up Post BreakUp!

Why Depression Has Become A More Common Subject

The more you keep it under the roof, the more it encircles you inside its circle. Spread this awareness, help those in need and stop this epidemic from becoming grosser. Anxiety has no particular face and before you realize it will engulf you. It’s your life, your world, your mind, never feel ashamed or uneasy to seek medical assistance. Have a great life ahead.