Definite Signs No! He is not Your Boyfriend.


Definite Signs: No! He will Never be Your Boyfriend.

Definite Signs : No! He will Never be Your Boyfriend. Are you investing your precious time talking to your guy friend? Are you perplexed if He is the One you were waiting for? Do you get the feeling that He is Interested in You? Such a questions keep coming up because sometimes you fail to understand that the Guy with whom you are involved will never be your Boyfriend. We bring to you Three Definite Signs that will help you to understand that  No! He will never be Your Boyfriend.

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Definite Signs No! He is not Your Boyfriend -likelovequotes

Definite Signs: He is not Your Boyfriend.

It is not necessary that if a guy likes to be with you all the time or loves to talk to you, is interested in you. Girls often confuse Friendship to Liking. Boys are not always looking for Girlfriends. They too want to have a ‘Girl’ Friend who is nothing more than a Friend. Some of the Definite Signs that will help you know that he will never be Your Boyfriend.

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He is not Impressing You: Boys make it a point to impress girls when they want to date them. Is your Guy Friend too trying to impress you by doing the things that you love? Does He too gets Excited when you both plan to Meet up? If this is not the case, you need to understand that he is not actually interested in you. He simply sees you as a friend nothing more than that. If a boy is not making  an effort to impress you, he is definitely not interested in you and can never be your boyfriend.

Ignorance: Ignorance never works with him. If your ignorance and rude behavior does not affect him, he is not keen to take the friendship with you to another level. Further, It is a known fact that boys hate it when their girlfriends ignore them.

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No Jealousy Exists: Jealousy, Liking and Love go hand in hand. Simply showing interest will not make him feel for you. If he does not get jealous while you interact to other male counterparts. You need to accept the fact that He can never be your boyfriend

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Following are the signs that will make you understand that boys not always hunt for girlfriends, they too want to have girls as ‘ Good Friends’.