How to Define ‘Open Relationship’?


How to Define ‘Open Relationship’?

Are you in an open relationship? Do do you understand by it? Can you define it in your words? Are you curious enough to find out the real meaning of open relationship? is here to provide you the real meaning and the essence of open relationship. In conventional terms we can define it as an interpersonal relationship in which the two persons want to be together but they agree to form a non- monogamous relationship.

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How to Define 'Open Relationship'

Meaning of Open Relationship?

Though the conventional meaning is about the non monogamous relationship that couples form with each other. There are many couples who live in such kind relationship while keep in mind some kind of limitations. The level of physical intimacy varies from person to person. It entirely depends upon the comfort level of both the partners.

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It can further be defined as a relationship where there is no strict limitations and rules to be followed by both of them. Often it is seen that people prefer to be in open relationship because they want to avoid any kind of commitment in the relationship. They want to avoid all the complications that one needs to follow if he is in a committed relationship with someone. It is way to know each other better with no rules.

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The definition of any kind of relationship differs from person to person. No one definition can define a relationship for anyone. It is basically you who give the real meaning to your relationship. This is because you are the one who sets certain limitations to it according to your preference. Society too have its own definition of such kind of relationship. But it completely depends on you how you want to define it. Ultimately it is you who live in such a relationship and not anyone else. Hence if you feel that you are comfortable in open relationship, you should not feel hesitant about it. Live your Life on your own Rules.

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According to, the real open relationship is one where there is Openness between two people when two people are deeply and madly in love with each other. It is the relationship where two of them share openness of truth, fears complications and tensions. Every relationship can be an open relationship if there is completely honesty, trust faith and the never ending love between the couples. Hence, such type of bond makes it the best one in the entire universe.

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Thus, everyone should wish for such kind of open relationship with their partners all through their life.