Decoding Girls: Words or Phrases Used By them When They Are Angry


Decoding Girls: Words or Phrases Used By them When They Are Angry

Hey, Adams, today’s article I am dedicating completely to you. In fact, you can use it as a cheat code to understand the hidden meaning behind those phrases or words. Some of you might be reading this after having a nasty fight with your girlfriend, some even might be enjoying this piece of advice with your girl right beside you. No matter where you are and what you’re doing, I am sure this article will act as a cheat code for you to understand your lady love  (including those coded phrases)much better. So without much ado, let us open the box of magical advice. #Tadaa

Decoding Girls: Words or Phrases Used By them When They Are Angry

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When they say “I am fine” they actually mean they are not fine. There can be many reasons behind the word “FINE” like-

  • She’s very tired and is sleep deprived. She can be really cranky at this time if you ask her any further questions.
  • She is actually taking a test upon you whether you understand her emotions or not.
  • She is really sad and wants you to say SORRY or anything to calm her down. (THOUGH SHE WON’T CALM DOWN SO EASILY.)
  • She wants to end this discussion right now and avoid discussing it furthers she is right and you should know that too
  • She is really busted with her stressful life
  • She is starving and is really pissed off with your questions. Give her food, all she wants is a plateful of food.
  • Lastly, she wants you to pamper her and comfort her instead of showering her with related questions.

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2/ You can go ahead

Simply means “You cannot do that particular thing. And if you do so, trust me I will slap you 350 times”.  Well, this clearly means, you are not permitted to do that.

3/ Whatever

She is pissed off with your lies or gossips and just wants to avoid you cause you’re pathetic.

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4/ Its ok

Absolutely not ok! Things are not going according to her thoughts and she is not at all comfortable with it. She is angry and depressed with your certain behaviour so much that she is having a problem in expressing it.

5/ Wow

Never mistake it as a compliment. She is just amazed by the fact that a person can be so stupid and foolish. WOW!

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6/ Yeah

Clearly a sign of attitude. This girl is not an easy one to go with and has an attitude of her own. She is stylish, bitchy, confident and prefers being an independent bird. When she uses this phrase she clearly means, “Get lost and please bore someone else with your stupid questions”. And if you want to impress her, use your witty attitude or special skill to woo her. Be a man and impress her.

7/ Cool

When she uses this phrase this means nothing is cool in her mind. She is feeling like a hot pot of boiling water and can burst out any moment. She wants you to understand her words, calm her down and listen to what she has to say. Please listen carefully or else only god can save you from the next disaster that’s waiting.

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8/ Are you sure

Eyes red, mind full of blasting theories and fortunately she knows you’re lying. On top of that when you still keep on bragging about your lie, my deepest condolences are with you for the further consequences. May your soul rest in piece!

9/ I don’t know

She knows all the answer but still she likes to hide it from you. This is a happy phrase where she wants you to answer the queries instead of her. Just another way of showing she is shy and she loves that.

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10/ Oh

A simple two lettered word which if understood rightly and replied accordingly can help you to get away with her. But, if you fail to understand that “OH” means she is actually depressingly angry with you, I am sorry very soon you will loose her. Cause when a simple “Hello” can make your relationship work like a beautiful movie, a small two lettered “Oh” can shatter that too.

Decoding Girls: Words or Phrases Used By them When They Are Angry

So, was it helpful?? Now did you understand what your lady love means when she uses any of these phrases??  Phrases can shatter and matter both  if you just calm down and understand your girl. Being a girl and an avid explorer of this relationship thing, I can assure you that girls might be complicated at times, but their love for you has no boundaries. Stay happy and stay blesses.XOXO.