Decoding Girls: A Guide For a Less Dramatic Life


Decoding Girls: A Guide For a Less Dramatic Life!

Finally the ice breaker! Code for girls to be friends with other girls without any dramatic or trivial fights. C’mon now, move on, life has taken a 360 degree turn where hi speed internet has solved the problem of almost everything, then why  this UNIVERSAL PROBLEM will stay behind!

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Decoding Girls: A Guide For a Less Dramatic Life!

Code No.1: Never GOSSIP

Shocked?? Well I don’t know whether you know it or not but, the wheels of karma has it’s own superficial way of returning what you say (MOSTLY NEGATIVE) to you yourself too.  Let me explain: If a girl is talking bad about someone else to you, she can also do the same regarding YOU to someone else too! The concept is really simple, the more you gossip the more you become the victim of the next GOSSIP and fall under the negative category. Don’t put yourself  under unnecessary categories which will make you look bad or negative.

Stay away from such gossips, be good to to others and get good in return too.

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Code No. 2: Avoid Being GREEN-EYED

What is the benefit of being jealous?? What is the benefit of bitching about someone?? ZERO with an added ZERO. Try to be intelligent and use that energy in improving your flaws, rather than trying to make anyone look bad. Don’t be jealous of other’s success, always be in your good shoes and use your brain productively.

Code No.3: Confront Them

You are deeply hurt by someone’s comment??

Someone has back bitched about you??

Chill! Shit happens. But, it’s up to how you will deal with it. There are two ways: One, just go and ask that person directly that why she made such rude remarks. Sort it out, give your best effort and try to sort out the misunderstanding. Be nice and explain to her that, the thing is not like the way she is assuming it to be. If they are intelligent enough and has brains they will take it seriously and for the rest, let them use their brain to produce useless manures which will nurture nothing but empty ground.

Second is , by back bitching in return and keeping the flame alive for years. Rmember, by doing this you are actually falling under the same category as theirs.

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Code No.4: Be happy with other’s promotion

You are not in kindergarten anymore! Life has become much professional now, dealing with daily routines, exams, career, getting job and all such heavily important stuffs should bother your mind and not dramatic jealousy or hatred.

Be contended with other’s promotion, congratulate them instead of demeaning their accomplishment! We all have our own strengths and weaknessess and that’s what makes us unique. So, wear the good cap and praise other’s achivement and get gifted with the same in return.

Code No.5: Avoid being the THIRD PERSON

Like  I said, in the course of hurting other you tend to forget what you’re actually doing. It’s a request, never try to break anybody else’e happy relationship. You have no idea how much it hurts to that particular person when they break-up with their partner. Never do such things which brings you bad luck. Don’t force karma to behave badly with you, you wont be able to tolerate it’s heat.

If you notice that their guy is trying to be extra cosy with you, avoid them. You be good and use your sense’s, don’t reply their texts, if that guy can be mean to his girl then he can do the same with you also. And yes, never directly go and tell the girl that her guy is flirting with you, firstly she won’t believe you and secondly you’ll land yourself into trouble. Let time unfold the mystery.

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Other very obvious but mostly ignored codes are:

  • Never break promises. Try not to spread the words and be a good friend
  • Always be in your good shoes and be honest with your faults. Don’t put the blame on other’s if it’s your fault
  • Be with your friends during their crisis
  • Always be in a balanced diet, never be in a bitter relationship with anyone
  • Try your best to do good until it reaches your limit.

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Decoding Girls: A Guide For a Less Dramatic Life!

Ultimately it’s you who has to survive in this heavily dramatic world along with your other girlfriends, so try and be less dramatic to avoid glitches and lead a happy future. Be in your good shoes as much as possible, as, you never know who comes to your rescue during your bad times.