Dealing With Your Man’s Flirty Female Friends

Dealing With Your Man’s Flirty Female Friends

Dealing With Your Man’s Flirty Female Friends

We make friends with people of both the genders and do not really differentiate between the two. There is no need for you to get insecure if your man has female friends. He could be friends with women just like you can hang out with men. However, the problem arises your man is friends with a woman who is flirtatious in nature. You often see her flirting with your man and you look helplessly. You do not want your man by picking up a fight with her and you do not know how to keep her at bay. [ Read: 13 Obvious Signs of Flirting ]

You might be expecting your man to avoid her after a while. You need to understand that he could have been friends with her since a long time and is not willing to let go of the relationship so easily. If he is slightly more liberal, then he does not mind her flirting with him or he could be oblivious of her advances. You must try to deal with the situation without getting your man involved in it. If you talk to him about it, he could probably consider you to be childish or immature to have brought about such a topic which he feels is silly. He would probably not appreciate the fact that you do not approve of his long standing friendship with her. Try everything that you can. If things do not work even after doing everything at your end, then you could consider talking to him about this. If you are forced to do that, you must arm yourself with enough evidences and theories to support your claim. Your concerns should come across as valid. You must explain your points properly and make him see reason in them. [ Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Flirting Tips Every Guy Needs To Have In His Mind! ]

If you are feeling extremely helpless, then you could be consoling yourself by hoping that she would go out of your friend’s life soon. Do you have a reason for believing that? No? Then, you should not leave your man and the fate of your relationship to destiny and take charge. Think of different ways to keep her away from your man. If you happen to see a text message sent by her, on his phone, asking him to meet, then you reply with a no. She would feel that he has said no to the meeting. Now, this is not a correct or ethical thing to do. But, as they say, everything is fair in love and war. Think of it as a war to protect your love. The means to keep her away from your man are not something that you would approve of but the end result would be her staying away from him. Would not you want that to happen? If yes, then you have to certain things that could be a little appropriate. You have to lie to your man, follow him and keep a tab on him so that you could plan accordingly and make her stay away from him. While going about this mission, you will have to make sure neither of them gets an inkling of your activities. If any one of them gets to know what you are up to then you would have to blurt out everything and your plan will fail. [ Read: 11 Facts about Guys that can Help You Read his Mind ]

The woman will try to show you how close she is to your man owing to the friendship that they share. You need to keep your head held high and tell her while they could be close; the both of you are closer as you are in a relationship. Love comes first and friendship follows second. She needs to get this right. Do not miss an opportunity to show her how close you are to your man. Get intimate with him in front of her and hold him tight while she is around. If she makes a plan, prove your control over him by asking him not to follow her plan and go out with you instead. You need to show her that both of you are I a super strong relationship and nobody, including her, can come in its way. Friends are important but your partner, the person whom you are in love with is the most important figure in your life. When she realizes that the relationship you both are in is too strong fort her to make a dent in, she will move away. [ Read: 11 Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Appreciated and Cared For ]

If she does not mend her ways and continues to come in between the two of you, you must confront her directly. Do not think too much about the consequences. Think what would happen if she takes away your ma from you? If you want to avoid that, then it is time that you deal with her. Drop indirect hints at her as to what do you intend to say. If she does not understand or pretends not to then be upfront and tell her directly what you want to. Do not hold your emotions and if the situation demands, act rough with her. [ Read: 11 Truthful Reasons Why Women Cheat So Easily ]

Even if she is flirts with your man, he is your man at the end of the day. You are closer to him and are a bigger part of his life than she is. You must not get anxious about this but at the same time you must not close your eyes. You should keep a close watch on her moves and not let her get too close to your man. You must take charge of the situation before he slips out of your hand.