Deal With Rejection In a Positive Way


Deal With Rejection In a Positive Way

Facing rejection each time is depressing.  Especially when it becomes a habit, we feel horrible and at times it becomes difficult to overcome such phase. Learn to take them in a positive way and move ahead in your life. Here we are with some points below to help you deal with rejection.

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1/Accept the reality:

No matter how harsh or cruel it is, the reality is you’re being rejected. There are valid reasons behind it, like

  • You are not ready for the role
  • The criteria didn’t match with your qualifications
  • Might be the person didn’t like you

Each one of us have our own vices and that should be respected. So, facing a rejection is not a big deal, but accepting the reality is indeed a big deal. Wake up, shake yourself and get ready for point no.2.

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2/Never give up:

I know you’ve worked really hard for the particular purpose, you were confident that you will get selected but instead you got rewarded with rejection. So what?? Falling down is a part of our life, and we have to learn from our mistakes. Buckle up yourself, work more harder and yes, never fear rejection. Look out for other scopes and opportunities, and always remember “Its we who have the power to create a door out of a wall”, read it once again and you’ll get my point.

3/Learn from the rejection:

Instead of coming home, closing your door and crying your heart out, try to think. Think why you got rejected?? Recollect the words or advises given by the person for not selecting you, try to learn from your mistakes. Work on the parts you think you are still weak, and trust me HARD WORK DOES PAY WITH SWEET RESULTS. You just have to have faith and hope and continue the race.

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4/Never lose hope:

At times more than the rejection, the harsh words haunts our mind. We feel dejected and heart broken, we just can’t digest the fact that somebody actually insulted us so brutally. But rattle your brain and think, that guy who is interviewing you has got something and that’s why he is at the other side of the table (INTERVIEWING YOU). Take his harsh cruel words in a positive way and utilize them to improve yourself. And yes, NEVER LOOSE YOUR HOPE, no matter what happens.

5/You are your own inspiration:

Instead of being in the rat race of pleasing so many people, learn to be your own inspiration. Try to come up to your own expectations, learn from each day, each mistakes, and improve yourself. Look into the mirror and talk to yourself. Say to yourself “I CAN and I WILL. NOBODY CAN STOP ME. I AM MY OWN INSPIRATION”. And one day, you’ll be the inspiration of several other rejected candidate like you. Be a hero for yourself and work hard to make it an inspiration for other’s.

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6/Talk it out:

Talk with those people who you think will understand you  and your situation. Cry out those feeling of being rejected and talk it out. At times, crying out and making yourself light is really important to take that first step towards improvement. Some words of inspiration or “YOU ARE THE BEST and WE KNOW YOU CAN MAKE IT TILL THE END” are really necessary for you to flush out those negative vibes.

7/ Enhance your vocabulary and knowledge:

You know a good knowledge along with a healthy vocabulary actually acts like YOGA. Let me explain: See, the more knowledge you gain the more you become aware about what is happening around you. The more new words you read, the more you guard yourself with the power of language. And I don’t know whether you know it or not, but, the most important thing in our life are WORDS. With the right use of words and hard work you can reach the height where you always wanted to be.

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8/Pamper  yourself:

After  a heavy round of lecture, you would definitely feel like pampering yourself. So, go for a short not so costly make over or you can try it out at home. Like a good heavy hair oil massage from your mother, a nice warm hot bath and ultimately a good sleep.

Deal With Rejection In a Positive Way

So, next time you face rejection don’t be sad. Keep the points in mind and walk the path of life.